Monday, August 31, 2015


No work on house today, still not feeling too great. Apparently there is a bad stomach bug going around and I guess I got it.  I hope to keep my son healthy because school starts Wednesday. But today I have to flag down the bus during it's dry run and get it to stop on our street.  I had sent a request in June, never hear anything back and when I checked they don't know what happened to it, had confirmation it was received verbally too.  Well I need to flag down the bus driver and request that the bus stop on our street since it stops at every other street. It is too dangerous for us to walk the 2 minutes down a busy road with no sidewalks and then watch the bus drive right by the house to pick my son up.  We will see if I can get it done.  Don't want anything to happen to my son or myself, safety issue!

I am late posting but I am under a sick day. I have been selling more items.  This is a popular image that I know you have seen before...

Yes, little lamb again! She is popular for sure. I was thinking the lamb was the top but during the last two weeks those honeybees took over the top position. I am curious to see what holiday images will be battling for the top spot!

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