Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Almost there...

At least almost finished with the garage front.  I really thought I could finish it yesterday...too ambitious.  It will be done today, I hope!  I will start painting right after I drop my son off at camp.  It is movie day.  He likes movie day. He only has one more day of camp left on Friday.  It went by so fast!  School is just around the corner.  I am watching the schools website to see when the teacher list is put out so I know who his teacher is and his classmates.  Hopefully some from his kindergarten.  Plus it is the first time he will be in school all day!  Exciting.

Speaking of exciting, look what I saw the other day out driving...
A double rainbow!!  It lasted for a good 10 minutes or more.  It was very lovely.

Today I have a popular post card that I have sold.

This particular motorcycle print has sold on many products.  I hope I can get a chance to upload the other bikes I have.  I think I will reduce the amount of product I place them on and just focus on the ones I know sell.  I just feel if it is on the other products then there could be a chance it would sell on them also!

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