Friday, December 20, 2013

You better watch out...

You better not cry! You better not pout I'm telling you why!  Yes, Santa is coming!!! Sugar cookies are done and Caramel Chocolate Macaroons are scheduled for today!  Enjoy your weekend and here is SANTA!

Watercolor Santa
Nice vintage watercolor Santa.
Watercolor Santa Postcard
Watercolor Santa Postcard by Kinder_Kleider
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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Chocolate Chip cookies are done, sugar cookies today and macaroons tomorrow! Just a bit of wrapping left and I am ready for Christmas!  Going fast. 

Today it is going to start getting warmer.  I will have to get my son out on the sled while we still have snow and before the rain starts.

I have a design that is probably what a lot of people are doing today.

Vintage Christmas Shoppers
A mother and son shopping for Christmas!
Vintage Christmas Shoppers Card
Vintage Christmas Shoppers Card by Kinder_Kleider
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chilly morning

It is cold this morning, then the warm up begins and we will probably lose all the snow we got the past few days.  Maybe some cookie baking today!  Got to get them done before Christmas Eve!

I have another Vintage Christmas design to show you!

Vintage Christmas Tree Greetings
A lovely vintage Christmas card!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


A light snow today.  Looks nice outside but have lots of snow clearing to do.  Getting closer to Christmas....8 days away!

Santa has come to say hello!

Santa Painting
Season Greetings from Santa!

Monday, December 16, 2013

9 Days til Christmas

Nine days left...  Santa is getting ready.  So am I!  Cookies are going to be baked this week. Yum! Dentist day today  for my son. Will be fun.

Here is a nice print, had several deer come by the house this weekend. Never realized how tall they are until you see them up close!

Vintage Reindeer Print
Nice vintage print, sure snowy!

Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Days til Christmas!

Happy Friday the 13th! Storm is heading our way.  Should start late tonight and tomorrow morning....possible 6 to 8 inches!  Whoa!  Got the shovel ready!

Time to start wrapping, done with Christmas shopping!  Great thing to do during a snowstorm.

Enjoy your Friday and I have an appropriate design to show today if you are expecting s-n-o-w~

Snowflakes on Red
Just a fun design for the winter season.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Brrr.  Chilly today.  I am tired, little one fell out of bed during the night and bunked with me so I didn't get much sleep.  Lots of tea today!  Got to get moving and grooving.

Today I have another Christmas design!

Santa Christmas Greetings
Another vintage image brought back to life!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

14 days to Christmas

Xmas is coming up fast!  Cookie baking next week.  Got have a variety for Santa!  Maybe another storm on Saturday also.  Wintertime is here.  It is going to be cold.  I have to go to the doctors today so will be bundling up. Brrr.

More Christmas designs...this on I really like!

Merry Christmas Kitty
Another vintage greeting transformed and remastered to be used again!
Merry Christmas Kitty Greeting Card
Merry Christmas Kitty Greeting Card by Kinder_Kleider
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Snow Today!

Snow has started, storm number 2! Should get just a couple inches today.  Schools are delayed around me but others are starting to close. An early white Christmas!

Got a Christmas print to show!

Best Wishes Santa
Here is a vintage greeting card!

Monday, December 9, 2013

So icy this morning.

Schools are delayed, everything is glazed in shiny ice.  Looks pretty but not pretty to drive in.  I am 98% done Christmas shopping.  Yahoo! My goal was to be done before December but sometimes things come up. I am still happy with the progress so far.  A little preschool today, got to work on some letters.  One big letter is my son's to Santa!  We have to get that written and tied up outside for the deer to take to Santa!

How about a nice poinsettia for the day!

Poinsettia Painting
Took an idea and transformed into a fun holiday painting!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Da Da Da Dummmmm...

The cold is coming, maybe 4" of snow tomorrow. WHAT???  They said barely anything yesterday.  So really it is a wait and see event.  I hope it stays ok for travel.

I have a design that just might show what is in store for my area! Stay warm and enjoy the weekend.

Winter Snowman Painting
Worked on this image, totally remastered it.  Turned into a painting and I do like it!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Warm as ever!

Going to be close if not at 60 degrees today.  Wow, then tomorrow, brrr, the temp will drop dramatically.  Maybe that is why my sinuses are bothering me.  Got some artwork done yesterday.  Working on a painting and liking what I see so far.  Just have one more Christmas design to post today on Zazzle then I will work on the next holiday...New Year's! Can't believe 2014 is around the corner.

I have a vintage winter bird print today.

Birds and Berries
Did a lot of work on this image, it took months for me to finally like what I did.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December is here!

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by.  Christmas is just around the corner.  Yesterday I ended up decorating, just about done.  That way we can enjoy the rest of the season with Christmas decor everywhere!  Fighting a cold, made chicken soup yesterday to help combat.

Someone is dreaming of Santa!
It was so warm yesterday.  We explored and found our pumpkins eaten by deer!

Today I have a cute Christmas design

Doggy Season Greetings
Very old print that I color restored and spruced up.
Doggy Season Greetings Postcards
Doggy Season Greetings Postcards by Kinder_Kleider
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