Friday, July 31, 2015


It is supposed to be a beautiful day. Yesterday I started early and got the half of roof line scraped, sanded, primed and 1st coat of white paint.  As soon as I finished a few drops started falling from the sky.  A half hour later the skies opened up and it poured.  I was so nervous that white paint would be over the driveway but all was okay.  Checked after the rain cloud passed and the paint was fine.  Today it is second coat the roof line, first coat on the windows and maybe start the brown in this one section.  We only have enough scaffold to reach the top of the house on half of the side we are working.  When we finish that side we move the top level scaffold over to the other half and work from there.  Plenty to do today!

It will be a great day for camp.  My son is excited.  They are having a dance party today.  Sounds like fun.

Time to set sail for today's showcase...
Sailing Ship Tees
Sailing Ship Tees by Kinder_Kleider
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Ha, ha, like that intro! This is another simple design and I like that you can post something this simple and let the consumer add text to fit an event or make it special for themselves. Neat!

Have a fun and safe weekend and enjoy the last day of July! (WHAT!!??? August already!!)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Made it through yesterday.

It was hot, so I kept misting myself with water to stay cool.  I managed to get two windows scraped, sanded and primed and the peak of the house scraped, sanded and primed.  We put up the third tier of scaffold at the end of our workday so today I can work on one side of the roof line to the peak and get that scraped, sanded, primed and painted!!!  It will be hot again, and a short workday as we have a party to go to tonight.  We will see what we can get done.

Still selling at least one item a day!  I am so happy and thankful for that.  Of course I feel bad not having anything new on, but there are some rainy days coming up.  Maybe I could do something quick.  Today I have a big order to show.
Accordion 2 Inch Round Button
Accordion 2 Inch Round Button by Kinder_Kleider
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This was a bulk order! I love how simple but fun this accordion image is. Sometimes simple is better, not cluttering up with too much design work.  Off to start the day, and stay cool!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hotter today..

Didn't do to much yesterday except set up.  I had an appointment in the afternoon. Today I will do some scraping and sanding. Even though it was hot yesterday I was cold.  Don't know if that is good or bad! Maybe working outside for a couple months has acclimated me to the weather.

My son has a field trip to the movies with camp today.  Got to get him there early for the buses.  I might pick him up earlier because of the super hot weather we will have today.

Still have more to showcase...
Vintage White Rabbit Postcard
Vintage White Rabbit Postcard by Kinder_Kleider
Shop for Rabbit Postcards online at

One of my favorites! We have two bunnies that live somewhere in our yard. They are not afraid of us and hop right by us. They enjoy eating the bird seed that is knocked down from the feeders. They are adorable when they stretch out in the cool grass.  Pampered bunnies!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Super hot day today.

Think we will be only doing some work in the morning. It is supposed to be super hot today.  We get sun till after 2 pm on the side of the house we are working on.  I also have an afternoon appointment so my day will be short. We managed to get the house power washed and set up. Must dry before scraping and painting. We can build more scaffold and get all our little projects ready for tomorrow!

Still been selling almost every day. Even some holiday themes...

I love this Halloween print. Only three months away!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Starting another week.

Beginning a new side of the house!  We finished the side of the garage and yesterday set up the scaffold to start the front.  We are almost all the way around the house!!!  Check it out...

We are rounding the bend and heading for a complete wrap around in paint!  So fun!!!  Of course the heat today and tomorrow will be unbearable so we will just be doing small things until later in the week.

In honor of the latest bee sting I got over the weekend...4 or 5 stings now...another bee item sold!

Might be wasp or hornet stings, but still hurts!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Just posted yesterdays, forgot to hit Publish Button!!!!

I guess I am completely out of it! My post was all written and ready to go yesterday, just forgot to post or thought I posted or something.  It is posted now. Have two more bee stings. Think they make me spacey.

We removed the scaffolding yesterday.  I worked on the two windows and got the brown paint cut in around them.  Today is finishing the lower have of the side of the garage.  Then it is to the front!  I am excited.

I plan on making pizza tonight.  Makes two pies so one tonight and one tomorrow for lunch.  Easy peasy!  Weekend will be painting, weeding the planters on our current project side and possible power wash the next side and plan setup.  We could possible be done before the end of august!

Have a wonderful weekend and check out the latest sale in honor of my stings...

Halfway done!

We have the top have of the side of the garage done!  It was cool in air temp yesterday but in the sun we cooked.  I have a bit of sunburn.  Today may be a putter around day to get our energy back.  We can remove the scaffolding and paint from the ground so that will be a plus.  Then to the front of the garage and we are on the home stretch!

I am exhausted but ready to go.  Going to plant some grass today also.  We filled in some areas last week with seed but some spots are still bare so a bit more seed is needed.

Speaking of seeds, we save seeds from apples, cherries, lemons and cantaloupe and my son plants them in starter pods and we see if they will grow.  We just got a cantaloupe to sprout!  I know it is late in the season for it to grow fully but we will see how far along it goes.  Can't wait for the cherry and lemon to sprout.  He and I love watching the seedlings grow.  We even have some pineapple tops starting to sprout roots.  It is so fun.

How about today showcase...

This kitty design sells quite frequently. Makes a nice business card! I need business cards. Must do more thought on that.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It was HOT yesterday

So hot, but we have the roof line painted two coats of white and started the brown down the sides.  Definitely finish the first coat today and maybe part of the second coat. The only problem is the sun is on you most of the day so it gets quite hot. Was going to take a picture of the progress but was so tired, then it rained and then I forgot.  I got stung by a bee while painting, doing nothing but standing still and felt burning on the back of my knee.  Well there it was just having fun stinging me.  Second sting since starting the house!

Early start today.  My son doesn't go back to camp until next week so I have lots of entertainment set up for him.  He'll be in the pool, and I bet I will get in a bit after painting!

I got something fishy to show...

Pikes! I haven't been fishing yet this year. Shame on me!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Moving along!

Took down the scaffold at the back of garage and now have it placed on the side.  Check it out...

We also gently washed down the side of the house too, zucchinis are growing underneath so we have to be very careful not to damage them.  That is if the deer didn't eat them last night.  We had to take down the netting that was protecting them and hoping the scaffold will hold them back.  Today we paint the white two coats, the wood and previous paint is in great shape since it isn't in the sun very long and the weather seem to come in on the opposite side.

Making sales every day, this is the latest...

First time this design sold on a towel. I am pleased with this vintage print. Did save several daddy long leg spiders from the grill before using it yesterday. They have a nice home in a palm tree now, tropical vacation for them!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Howdy Heat!

Well the heat has arrived!  We were only able to work to about noon before the sun hits that side of the house and makes it unbearable. We did finish the upper section!!!
It looks so nice, you can see the old stain up in the left hand corner on the dormer. It is a big difference!  Today we remove the upper scaffold and work on the lower section, should not take long.  It is in good shape and possible get it done if not today definitely tomorrow.  Then we move the scaffold to the next side of the garage!

Today is a field trip for my son at camp.  I have to get him up soon.  They leave early today.  Exciting, they are going to a candy factory!

Quick showcase...

First time this design sold! Simple but nice. Been selling at least one item a day for the past week. I like seeing that. Though I do feel guilty because I haven't posted anything new. Once the house is painted look out!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Friday!

I did not realize how much we got done yesterday until I realized I could hardly walk!  My dad worked on replacing some boards and some missing shakes and I scraped and sanded.  Well just a 5 minute sand on the one small edge we didn't get to and we are priming and painting today!  I think it is optimistic if we get two coats of everything on the upper part of this section.  Definitely will have the white roof trim done and first coat of brown.
Looks dreamy but I think I got a fingerprint on the lens! My son is off to bowling today.  We have only bowled on the Wii so this is real bowling.  He can't wait.

Today I have another sale to show..

First time this print sold on a mug. I like it! Have a wonderful weekend.  I know what I am going to be doing, painting a whole lot!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

It rained?

I was supposed to rain on Tuesday, it didn't.  It wasn't supposed to rain yesterday at all, it did! I think the weather people got the days mixed up!  We did get another level on the scaffold and I managed to get some scraping done. We got more planks to walk on and I stained them to protect them out in the weather. Today is supposed to be dry and hot.  I hope so because I want to finish two windows and get them primed and get the trim scraped and sanded so it can be primed.  I will take a picture of this setup. We are set up on the deck so it looks neat.

Today is camp for my son, yea!!  He was getting a bit bored.  Today is a dance party so he is excited, tomorrow is bowling!

I am still selling at least one item a day for the past week.  Today I have...

A woolly rhino key chain!  First time selling this design!  I am happy to see someone else likes it as much as I do!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Where was the rain?

We were supposed to get hammered with rain and storms yesterday. We quickly set up scaffold and power washed our next side of the house so we wouldn't be caught out in the storms. Nothing came, we could have done so much outside.  It did look like it would rain at times but never arrived.

The house needs more time to dry from power washing so today I have some other projects to do and entertain my son since no camp today.  Maybe I can get through some laundry that has piled up!

I have been having a good week of sales.  Check out this...

Vintage Lamb Art Square Sticker
Vintage Lamb Art Square Sticker by Kinder_Kleider
Check out Lamb Stickers online at zazzle

One of my most popular designs. Love the vintage lamb! Did you know it is Zazzle's 10th year?  I have been with them for 9 years.  Boy time flies fast!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Got the planters weeded on the freshly painted side of the house yesterday.  Just need mulch to finish it off.  There was a ton of weeds in there, where? I don't know because it didn't look that bad but I came out of there with bucket fulls!  I planted grass, moved a shrub and got the pool ready for my son to splash in.  It was hot yesterday and he was much appreciative of the cool pool.

Today we set up the next scaffolding area. Yesterday was our break day.  We are power washing later so scraping, sanding and priming will be ready to go on Thursday.

I have still been selling!  This is a first that I can remember...

I love this vintage print. I am happy to see it being sold! One of my favorites cause I love dogs!

Monday, July 13, 2015

I am tired...

We worked so hard over the weekend to finish the side of the house. We finished it, took down the scaffold and some cleanup.  Still have to on the planters but the painting is done on that side!  I am late posting because I did sleep in a bit today.  Too tired to move but got another area to set up for painting later today.  It will rain the next few days but we have to pressure wash so having rain is okay.  Plus we get a break to recharge!  It looks so good, worth all the pain!

Sold another musical tie! They are very popular...

I think this one sold before along with a matching mug.  Love the simple design.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Going to be a BEEE-autiful Day!

Only sunshine for the next three days!!! Certainly will have the side of the house we are painting done and possibly the set up of the next section! I do need to sneak away today to get a little sun on my legs, getting a tan line from the capris I am wearing painting.

My son loved the baseball game.  I sent him with hat and sunglasses but he didn't wear them.  His cheeks and nose were red when I picked him up.  I was worried he had a bad sunburn but in two hours he tanned up and looks like a surfer dude.  Still going to lather him up in sunscreen again.  It was so sunny at the stadium, good thing I had some sunscreen on him. Today is dress up day for early trick or treat.  He is going as spiderman.  He's excited about that.

Made more sales, this is another one of a popular design....

Think after today a sleigh ride in cold snow will feel refreshing. Off topic, I am decorating for Christmas Nov. 1st because last year my son and I were so sick through December that we really didn't get to enjoy the holiday so I am combining it with Thanksgiving. Turkeys and Tinsel!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The rain stayed away!!!

We were able to get some work on the house done yesterday.  We stared late because we needed to get more supplies.  We are painting the next section of cedar shakes two coats today if the weather is nice.  That will place us over halfway done on that side. It is looking great. Going from weather worn to new!

Today my son is going with camp to the local minor league baseball game.  It looks like any rain will be in the late afternoon so he should have a great time. He'll get hot dogs, drinks, chip and a ball game, can't beat that!

Another sale to show!

Stethoscope Custom Ties
Stethoscope Custom Ties by String_Theory
Find more Stethoscope Ties at Zazzle

Bet you this is for a doctor! First time selling this design on a tie. I have sold lots of mugs with this image. Off to prepare for the day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Maybe rain today?

Short post..arms hurt! May not be painting today.  Depends on the weather.  Camp today, going to the movies! He may be coming home early if we get storms.  I am sore, but that is good.  We did a lot yesterday, finished another section. Maybe some prep work today.

Have another new sale...

I love this one!  I played the flute for years!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another day of painting!

We are two feet away from being at the peak of the house.  We did good for a half day.  I had my son's dentist appointment (which I almost forgot about) and my dad went for supplies in the morning.  Today we second coat the cedar shakes and build another scaffold to reach the peak  of the house. It is moving along and looking so much better.

My son was so worried about the dentist, he was just getting sealant put on his permanent molars because the grooves are deep.  The just paint on and UV light cure. He came out of there saying, "That wasn't bad at all, just tasted yucky."

Wow, wow, this is the first sale of this design on a tie...

Awesome!  Love the color and the french horn!  I always wanted to have a music room filled with instruments.  I certainly wouldn't be excellent at playing but would love to try!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Slept in today...

Saturday was a washout. The local weather stations said Friday that just showers in the morning but you will have a beautiful 4th of July.  Well it rained from early morning until 8pm at night.  We planned on painting but that was not possible.  So we painted all day yesterday.  You can see the results!  Looking good.  We have to move the left scaffold and put it to the right of the tall one for the next section.   You can see the difference in the paint verses the stain that was on previous.  I am excited to see the whole house done!



Paint vs. Stain
I have been making lots of sales.  Feels strange to be selling things but not putting anything new on.  It is nice though!  Here is the latest...

I haven't sold a tee shirt in weeks. I like the sailing one.  I also would like to go sailing!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Friday!

I have almost all the scrapping and sanding done on the trim.  Just a 3 foot by 2 foot section up high.  That part is a bit scary and I was too tired to do it properly and safely yesterday.  I want to get that area done today and the bare wood primed.  Tomorrow is the 4th of July holiday so no work that day, maybe!

My niece returns home today, my son is sad.  He wishes she could stay. That will be hard later when it is time for her to go.  He will be lost for a few days.

I have another sale to showcase...

Vintage Green Railroad Engine Bag Tag
Vintage Green Railroad Engine Bag Tag by Kinder_Kleider
Check out additional Bag Tags online at

A luggage tag, with a train! I would love to take a train ride across the country. That would be fun.

Enjoy the holiday tomorrow.  
I know we are grilling and eating potato salad..YUM!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


My muscles hurt so much, but in a good way!  It was so wet yesterday morning that really we thought we wouldn't be able to get much work done.  I started to weed more of the planters and by 10am we decided the rain was done for the day so why not pressure wash the next side of the house. Normally we would pressure wash in the rain because you get soaked no matter what but we had severe thunderstorms and that wouldn't mix with a metal wand.  I was three tiers up washing the house on the scaffold, wow was it high but I am getting more confident. We got a lot of loose paint off the trim and all the dirt off the cedar shakes. Then we looked at the was long!  We then decided to cut the grass.  It is a BIG yard and when we finished there were some bushes that needed trimming so that was done too.  It was a marathon!

Today I am heading back up the scaffold and scrap/sand the trim on our project side of the house. It will be a few days before we can paint because the wood is damp but I can still knock off any loose stuff.

Camp is done for this week, they start back up Monday but my son doesn't go till next Wednesday.  He had a blast yesterday at the movies and he came home all muddy from playing in the park.  Can't beat that, he had a big smile!

I have been selling nicely the last week of June.  Nothing for July but it is on the second day of the month!  This is by far one of the most popular prints I sell...

Fox Sleigh Ride Vintage Print
Fox Sleigh Ride Vintage Print by Kinder_Kleider
See additional Poster templates & designs online at

I think this design has been sold on just about every product I have put it on.  It is adorable with the foxes and as a side note our local fox came by the other night and strolled through our yard! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rain out yesterday.

Camp was cancelled, rained all day. We were going to pressure wash in the rain but the thunder made that a bit too dangerous! So today we took the kids (my niece is still here for a few days) out for lunch and some shopping.  I baked a cake and we had a fun taco dinner.

Hoping to pressure wash tomorrow so the house can dry out and we can start painting the rest of the house.  We also have a few more stumps to pull.  Busy busy!!

Did make a few more sales...

This is a vintage match label. Another popular design. Boy, I am so exhausted but going to push through it today!! It is a field trip day for my son at camp. I am sure he will have fun. They are off to the movies. Then he is off for the week with the 4th holiday coming up!