Monday, August 31, 2015


No work on house today, still not feeling too great. Apparently there is a bad stomach bug going around and I guess I got it.  I hope to keep my son healthy because school starts Wednesday. But today I have to flag down the bus during it's dry run and get it to stop on our street.  I had sent a request in June, never hear anything back and when I checked they don't know what happened to it, had confirmation it was received verbally too.  Well I need to flag down the bus driver and request that the bus stop on our street since it stops at every other street. It is too dangerous for us to walk the 2 minutes down a busy road with no sidewalks and then watch the bus drive right by the house to pick my son up.  We will see if I can get it done.  Don't want anything to happen to my son or myself, safety issue!

I am late posting but I am under a sick day. I have been selling more items.  This is a popular image that I know you have seen before...

Yes, little lamb again! She is popular for sure. I was thinking the lamb was the top but during the last two weeks those honeybees took over the top position. I am curious to see what holiday images will be battling for the top spot!

Friday, August 28, 2015


Well it's not just me that is not feeling well so we decided to wait till next week to start the final dormer on the house.  We just might be working a little too hard and deserve the break.

School starts next week!!!  I can't believe it.  All this week I have been waking my son up just like he would for school.  He had afternoon kindergarten last year and did not have to wake up early but now 1st grade is all day he has to get up by 7:30am. He is doing well with it.  Today I will get all his supplies labeled and put in his backpack for Wednesday.

I have been making sales!  Was hoping to get more artwork on, maybe today.  Today is the honey bee print again but on a different product...

It is nice to see something so popular sell so much. I am hoping my bicycle watercolor will sell soon. Usually it takes a month or two of being posted in order to make the first sale. Please enjoy your last weekend of August and I will be back Monday!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blah today.

Not feeling well today, not well at all.  I think I will be useless.  Think stomach bug.  Not fun.  Did receive the cedar shingles yesterday and some other supplies should arrive tomorrow.  I am in no shape for any ladder climbing or working on the house.  Hoping it passes quick and not contagious.

I sold more items!!!  That makes me feel a bit better. This is a first sale of this design...

I like this one and glad it sold. The whale is great. Sorry short post but typing while feeling dizzy is not fun. Yuck...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Now a wonderful Wednesday!

Yesterday I did the touch of around the new bathroom window!  That was fun.  Now that back dormer is completely done.
Looks finished now. Can't wait to start on the front!

Made a few more sales and yes some were more of the honey bee print. I will showcase something other than bees today...
Microscope Pop Art Tie
Microscope Pop Art Tie by String_Theory
View other Microscope Ties at

This is from one of my other stores but just as neat! Love science! Who doesn't!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

No work on the house yesterday. Took my son school clothes shopping, we found terrific deals and great clothes.  He also came home with a giant penguin plush so he is over the moon.

I did refinish a pole lamp that was my grandmothers.  I spray painted the metal from the brassy gold to a hammered bronze and removed the gold tinted glass coating from the glass shades.  Wow, it matches my bedroom furniture and looks so modern.  All it took was a $7.00 can of spray paint.  I should have took a before and after photo but I forgot.  Boo on me.

Today I will assist in putting a new window in the upstairs bathroom.  I will also be making tacos for dinner as it is Taco Tuesday. Once again I have a mountain of laundry to do, I think my son tries on his clothes and if he doesn't like it for the day he throws it right in the hamper.  No way he wore that many clothes.

The next few sales, 8 or more are of this...

I have been selling them every day!  I know you have seen them just a few posts ago.  I won't post all eight for the next eight days since you know what they look like.  I just may not have any new sales to post for awhile since all the new sales are this design!  We will see what the night brings in sales.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Last week of summer before School!

School starts next week!  Final school shopping today.  Boy the summer went fast.

We finished the back dormer sans window and new roofing on top of dormer. The planks and roof ladders will stay until that is done.
Now the entire back looks finished. We are waiting for supplies to arrive for the front dormer but I have a bit of a break until then.  I can't wait to get back up there and work!

Been selling nicely over the weekend.  I think I sold three more honey bee business card sets.  Very popular!
Today I have...

Popular print as well.  I do sell a lot of designs with bicycles.  That is why I did a watercolor bicycle. Think they are neat!

Friday, August 21, 2015

OMG it is FRIDAY!!

Today we find out my son's teacher and classmates!  Exciting times!  The summer is just or has just flown by. Amazing.

Well we got all the white 2 coated and the first coat of brown on the front of the dormer.  I did cut in with brown on the sides but still need to do the first coat.  We are going to try and finish today since it is going to be a beautiful rain free day.
It is looking so good.  Then the back will be done with house painting, still have the decks to paint but that is quick and easy.

Making lots of sales, you will see duplicate products the next few posts, selling many of this design...

I think I have another two sales of this business card honey bee design coming up as well. I think this design is going to be the top popular seller of the year!

Enjoy your weekend and be back MONDAY!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


We have till a little after noon today to work before we get storms.  I am thinking any painting will have to be done by 11 am so it will be dry enough to handle any weather.  Though the past few times we have been foretasted for storms they never arrived.  I scraped and sanded the rest of the roof line and did the priming.  Looking so good.
Will be nice to see the back done!

Selling more items!  We all like that.  Today is another musical instrument...

I have some drawings I did a million years ago of musical instruments. I should pull those out and scan them in. They would be nice to sell as well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday!!!

I scraped and sanded yesterday, only till about 10:45 because then it was way too hot!  I also took a picture of the work zone and a final picture of the last side without the roof jacks.
 When we finish this dormer the back will be total done!!  I can't wait!!
Now you see what it looks like without the roof jacks and ladders.  Looks great.  We will clean and seal the brick steps too so that will really make the front pop.

I made more sales!!  I am so excited...
Vintage Honey Bee Art Print
Vintage Honey Bee Art Print by Kinder_Kleider
Check out more Bee Posters at Zazzle

The honey bees just might be edging out the lamb as most popular design. I have other sales yesterday with the honey bees. Make me smile!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wow, hot yesterday

We ended up power washing the dormer.  Today we will sand, maybe prime.  We will see.  Depends how hot it gets.

My son had a dentist appointment yesterday.  His one tooth was hurting him, he had to have a mini root canal.  He did wonderfully.  So brave.  Apparently he lost a small filling some time ago.  I never noticed it, guess cause they are tooth colored.  It started hurting end of last week.  Glad they got him in fast and took care of it.

I better start selling some more things or I will run out of showcases soon...
Banjo Tie
Banjo Tie by Kinder_Kleider
See more Banjo Ties at

I love this simple banjo design. I sell this one quite frequently on all sorts of products. I know there are new products available to place these designs on. I would need to work day and night for months to catch up! It is amazing how many things you can customize!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday already??

I can't believe it is Monday already.  The weekend flew by.  We had family in and it was so much fun. The heat did return though.  I enjoyed it because you know what happens in a few months....freezing temps!

We were supposed to take a week or two off before working on the dormers of the house, well we got antsy and started setting up the platform to work on.  The back dormer is in great shape, just needs paint so we should have that done this week.  The sun was so bad yesterday I couldn't get a good picture, I will try today before the sun gets to high in the sky.

Did you hear the trumpets this weekend, maybe the clouds parted with rays of sunshine or a rainbow shot across the sky?  Why....I got new artwork on Zazzle.  Amazing, first one in months. Check it out...

I had a basic image of a bicycle and worked it into a watercolor image. I like it. Still have other products to place the image on, phone cases, stickers, etc but did get the paper products listed. Just now got to keep it going!

Friday, August 14, 2015


We finished!!!!  Woo Wooo!!!  Now we have a week or two of rest while we plan the dormers.  They will be interesting.
We just have to remove the roof ladders and ladder jacks.  I will try to get good pictures of the dormers so you can see what we are up against. The sun keeps getting in the way of detailed pictures.

We have family arriving today and staying the weekend so I will be prepping the guest room and getting things ready today!  It will be fun!!!

My most recent sale...

OMG, I love this one!!! So glad to see it sold. Have a wonderful weekend and I will be back Monday.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Last day to work on house.  Family visiting for a few days starting tomorrow. I was ready to finish this side of the house today but my son has a tooth that is bothering him so as soon as the dentist office opens I will be calling.  Hopefully they can get him in and see what is going on.

We did get all the white on the roof line painted two coats of white and some brown done.  Just have the two coats of brown and one coat of white around the window and BAM, that side is done and we get a short break while we plan the dormers.

Made some more sales...yea!  This is I think the most popular print this year...

I have sold countless products with this design. I am so glad. It is a nice vintage print.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Can work on house today!

Rained again yesterday.  Got my son's room cleaned, the hallway cleaned and the dining room clean, all filled with toys.  We have family coming in for a few days later this week so what we put off while painting has to be quickly put back in order!  Today will be nice.  Hopefully we can finish this last side section of the house then it will be the dormers!  We have so many people stopping and admiring the house.  That is nice, the house needed it.

Been a little under the weather the past few days, so has my dad.  Apparently we had some gluten.  We got take out on Sunday and ordered our usual but they probably changed the recipe.  Should have asked, or really ask every time.

My lamb design has sold again...

I really love this vintage print. It is so sweet. Very popular. I had a white fuzzy lamb when I was young, not a real one, and was a favorite toy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another day of rain.

No work on house yesterday and I don't think we will today either.  It is rainy.  We do need the rain so I am not complaining.  I did a lot of cleaning that was neglected and working on some artwork so things are still busy!

More cleaning today and maybe I can post something new on Zazzle!  That would be neat.
Here is my latest sale...

I love all the musical sales. Makes me happy.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Rain today

We are expecting rain this afternoon.  We need it badly.  Not sure what we will get done if anything today but we will see.  We have the final side almost done.  Here are the pics of the house so far.

So close, then to dormers.  Can't believe it!

Did a bunch of sales of the weekend.  I do like that!  Here is one.

Love science! Was watching the formation of the moon last night, awesome stuff.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Okay, forgot that yesterday was the day my niece returns home from her visit.  Thought it was today but got mixed up.  We spent the day traveling and enjoying the beautiful weather.  I remembered that I wanted to take a picture of our progress on the house, but it was dark outside.  Will have several for Monday.  I got all mixed up.

On a lower note...I found the bird, or actually the rest of the bird that disappeared from its resting place.  He received a second burial and a massive stone put on top.  Let's hope he gets some peace now.

Today we are working on the final side of the house, that will leave front and back dormers for last.  Exciting!!

Today is a familiar print...

Sell this one about once a week! Haven't had a sale in a few days...hopefully today! Enjoy your weekend and be back Monday.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It was hot yesterday.

Okay it was cooler in temp wise but I thought it was hotter than our heat wave days.  Managed to get the front of the garage done and I will have a picture of it tomorrow.  I worked right up to the time to pick my son up at camp.  Got him home, freshened up, made dinner, ran and errand and discovered a mystery!

The mystery.  I was so sad the other day, I found the friendly blackbird that we had enjoyed seeing in our yard every day deceased by another animal so I gave him a proper burial.  Well the next day the burial spot was dug up and the rest of the blackbird is gone.  Now I dug deep and tamped and put a rock on top.  Something big dug him up so now we have a mystery.  Though I like to think he turned into a phoenix and rose up in the sky.  He was a nice bird.

Now to another sale...
Microscope Pop Art Poster
Microscope Pop Art Poster by String_Theory
Shop for a Poster template or design online at

Some science today! I do like this pop art design I made. It is another popular one.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Almost there...

At least almost finished with the garage front.  I really thought I could finish it yesterday...too ambitious.  It will be done today, I hope!  I will start painting right after I drop my son off at camp.  It is movie day.  He likes movie day. He only has one more day of camp left on Friday.  It went by so fast!  School is just around the corner.  I am watching the schools website to see when the teacher list is put out so I know who his teacher is and his classmates.  Hopefully some from his kindergarten.  Plus it is the first time he will be in school all day!  Exciting.

Speaking of exciting, look what I saw the other day out driving...
A double rainbow!!  It lasted for a good 10 minutes or more.  It was very lovely.

Today I have a popular post card that I have sold.

This particular motorcycle print has sold on many products.  I hope I can get a chance to upload the other bikes I have.  I think I will reduce the amount of product I place them on and just focus on the ones I know sell.  I just feel if it is on the other products then there could be a chance it would sell on them also!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nice day today!

Will be hopefully finishing the front of the garage today.  Here is our progress so far...
We are on the home stretch, at least for the sides of the house!

Short post this morning, little late today.  Here is my latest sale!

Another ship, this time a Viking ship.  Love it!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Slept in today...

Today is a rest day from my normal exercise so I took advantage and slept in just a bit.  We finished the top half of the garage, bottom half today!  I will have pictures tomorrow. Need to get this side done so the cars can get back in the garage.  We have good weather till this evening so will be starting soon.

I am so happy about this sale...

This is just adorable and I am so glad it sold. I know it is a winter scene but you got to get these things early. I am usually starting holiday shopping in September. It is so nice to be done early and enjoy the holiday.