Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wow, what warm weather.

This whole week will be warm.  Maybe some grilling is in order! Cool weather to begin Saturday.  I think I will transfer out summer clothing and start bringing in fall/winter wear.  It's got to happen sometime!

Really didn't get much posted yesterday...one.  That wasn't in the plan. Guess you have to go with the flow and sometimes it doesn't quite mesh with your plans.  That is okay. There is always tomorrow!

I have another new Halloween image that I have sold recently in postage stamp form.

Halloween Witch
Just altered this vintage image to look more like a paper cutout.  I like its simplicity and how it looks on all these products.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Two Days till October!

Oh my, September had flown by.  I like the seasons so I will enjoy leaves blowing in the wind, crisp and chilly winds and cider! Also a miracle, one zucchini survived the deer mauling.  It was hidden under a large leaf so the deer didn't see it.  I hope it makes it till Thursday or Friday.  Should be ready to pick by then.

We had a visitor on Sunday, check the pic below!

Lovely insect. She is so cool.  How can you not be in awe of nature!
Praying Mantis

I have 18 images to post by Friday, that would be 3 to 4 a day.  Let's see if I can do it.

Today is an adorable Halloween image.

Vintage Halloween Greetings
Lovely artwork, check all the products here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ahh Friday!

A turkey dinner is on schedule for tonight.  I can't wait for turkey, gravy and potatoes. Don't forget cranberry sauce! A preview before the big Thanksgiving day feast.  The zucchini pancakes were delicious last night, even though I had to buy some since the deer incident. The last batch of the season!  Of course potato pancakes will emerge through the fall.

I managed to get 4 images posted yesterday... YEA!!!  22 more designs to go. You can design fast but uploading takes the most time.  I know it will pay off in the end...get it "pay" off!

Another Halloween image!!! SCARY

Have an AWESOME weekend! 

Vintage Halloween Cat Decoration
This is a simple image I dressed up with some additional design elements.  I love vintage Halloween decorations and this one is especially great because it is a CAT! Check all the products out here.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Not too happy...

The deer ate all the remaining zucchini I had growing outside.  I had to purchase some in order to have enough to make zucchini pancakes for today.  Not a happy camper.  At least our pumpkin is still growing.  It is going to be a beauty!!!!

I am trying to get Christmas done by next Friday but I don't know if I am going to make it. Maybe if I do some over the weekend.  Would like to get moving on some new stuff soon.

Today is another Halloween image!

Vintage Halloween Boy

This needed lots of work to make it usable.  The pixelation was very noticeable.  I think I did an okay job in correcting.  Check it out on products here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Warm weather on the way!

I believe this is the last blast of warmth for the year, maybe two weeks of it.  I already ordered new boots, since my were over 10 years old and showing their age.  Got the same brand so hope they are still as well made as my last pair.  Got to be ready, snow can come anytime.  I remember Halloween my senior year of high school and we had a nice snowstorm!

Got three more images posted today but having a brain block on what background to use on an image.  I know it will work itself out.

Today of course is another Halloween image!

Halloween Cat and Pumpkin

I like this one, did some colorizing to the black and white image I had and some collage work.  Check the cool products here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why is food my enemy!!!

My list of foods I can eat gets smaller all the time.  I obviously got into some gluten over the weekend.  I know I had a week or two ago, not much as gluten but too many grains, and have been recovering from that.  But dealing with issues from some sort of allergic reaction.  I think it is just meat, veggies, fruit (except bananas) and some fish (no shellfish) that I will eat from now on and homemade. Any treats will have to be on holidays and only a small portion. Like I can ever have a small portion of treats. 

Christmas is still going on today!  Got only one image on products yesterday.  Got to step it to get everything I created up and posted!!!!!! (too much caffeine? Possibly)

Today another Halloween image to bring in the official start of FALL!

Vintage Halloween Cat

I did some rework on this design to make it more usable on larger products, only adjusted color and added the paper texture because that was missing. Check all the spooky products here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday morning...

Santa is coming to town, or at least to my office.  There have been Santa sleigh rides, chimney scenes and good old jolliness going on here.  I have over 40 holiday images to post, 11 have been completed so it will be snowing in my mind for this week and probably the next!

Had an almost disaster with my computer on Saturday.  It decided not to boot...then it ran its self diagnostics and said, nope, not going to boot.  I was SCARED that everything was lost but after waiting patiently and restarting again it worked.  Ran all sorts of programs to flush out any trouble but all come back clean.  Lets hope it was a one time hiccup!

 Vintage Halloween Witch and Owl

This old print just need some sprucing up, a little color boost and some minor repairs and it turned out great.  Check all the products here.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thank You!

Thank you to all who have purchased my items!  I been having a wonderful week of sales and it is just making me more excited to work.

Lots of Christmas being posted but have another Halloween image today!  The trees are already turning colors here.  Fall is on its way...
Have a Great Weekend!!!!

Vintage Halloween Witch

I did some alteration on this vintage image to transform it into something more fitting for All Hallow's Eve!
Check all the products here.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Posting, posting, posting.  I am determined to get the rest of the winter/holiday images upload by the end of next week as long as everything works correctly!

One more harvest of zucchini this year.  I bet tomorrow will be the last picking.  Planted about 6 plants but only two produced a hardy crop.  Can't wait for next year to get another batch.

Have a good month of sales, hopefully to continue.  How about another Halloween image today!

Vintage Halloween Witch

This was a very difficult image to work with, I had do many processes to get a usable image.  Check out the products here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On time today.

At least I am back on schedule today. I hate taking antihistamine because of how it effects me but sometimes you just have to.  Got another cool winter image on Zazzle yesterday and hope to do more today!  Much easier with the Quick Create tool working!

Today I have yet another Halloween print to show.

Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Boy and Owl

I like this vintage greeting.  Just some minor repairs and color correction and it turned out cute! Check all the products here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I had an allergic reaction last night so I took some antihistamine and that just knocks me out.  Not so much making me fall asleep but just foggy and drowsy and it will last for the rest of today, yea :( . Well now it is catch up time!

With Zazzle not up and running I am posting like mad!  Can't wait to get some of the artwork up.  It is exciting.

Today is another Halloween image!

Vintage Halloween Cat and Pumpkin

This is a new image I restored and I already have sold tote bags featuring it! Check out all the products here.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Zazzle is fixed!  I tried it Friday afternoon and it was working.  I am hopeful that it still is today and I can get the 40 images posted and ready for sale!

Weekend was cold and raining then sunny and cold but nice!  I am ready for fall.  Gets you motivated and ready for action when you step out in the chilly air.

Today I have another Halloween image to show.

Vintage Halloween Cat

I like this vintage print.  I had to do a little repair to some discolored areas but other than that it was great! Check out all the products here.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday again!

Gloomy yesterday, got one product posted, miss the normal quick create on Zazzle. Hopefully it will be repaired soon!  It is going so slow doing one at a time.

Going to get some more school supplies today that are needed.  So much homework for kindergarten. I never had any when I went over 33 years ago.  My has the times changed!

Today I have another Halloween image to showcase, since the weather is turning to fall so quick!

Have a great weekend!

Vintage Halloween Trick or Treaters

I like this image, some repair but not much.  Need to have a Halloween bash!  Check out all the products here.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

but the fire is so delightful. And since we've got no place to go. LET IT SNOW, LET IS SNOW, LET IT SNOW!

Ok, working on too much Christmas. Zazzle still having trouble so I will start individual posting of products today because if I don't stop working on Christmas images I will be decorating the house and singing carols before Halloween.  (Which I sing all year round anyway!)

Got my new graphics tablet.  Had a bit of a hang up trying to install but got it working and was able to restore some images that I really could not do with a mouse.  Super happy and excited to get more images together!

Today I have a little Halloween image to share.

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

I will be pulling out the scary decorations this week. Check out the cool products with this design here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting a lot of artwork processed but...

Zazzle is still working on the problem with their quick create function.  I decided I will work on as much holiday and winter images I can and even if I don't post them all online before the holidays I will have them ready for next year!

I have a graphics tablet coming today.  I had one but it was so ancient that my computer wouldn't even recognize it.  Of course that was months and months ago (maybe a year or so).  I have been researching and wanted to make sure I got one that works with the programs I use, affordable and reviewed well.  I guess tomorrow I will find out if I like it!  Sometimes a mouse just doesn't cut it when working on artwork, repairing or creating your own.

Here is the last bike I posted for sale, I still have many just been working on the holiday ones.

Watercolor Vintage Motorcycle

I like motorcycles, vintage motorcycles! Check this one out here.
Watercolor Vintage Motorcycle Drink Coasters
Watercolor Vintage Motorcycle Drink Coasters by Kinder_Kleider
Check out Motorcycle Cork Coasters online at zazzle

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Slow going...not me though!

Well Zazzle is still not working right in regards to the quick create. Last week you were able to post over 100 items in one shot. Now maybe 10, if the images load on the products correctly.  I have to post one item at a time. Write each description and product tags for every product individually instead of once for 100's. Hope they fix it soon! Takes too long since I managed to prepare over 40 Christmas and winter designs. 

Today's showcase is a little flighty!


Like this one. Just sold some postcards and magnets with this design, check all the products here.

Ostrich Post Card
Ostrich Post Card by Kinder_Kleider
Add your photo to postcard designs from Zazzle.

Monday, September 8, 2014

New week!

Cool weather came through this weekend.  Nice!  I am ready for the season to change.  Worked on 18 holiday images and have them ready for upload.  Finished the Halloween images Friday. Barely because Zazzle had some issues and hopefully they are sorted out so I can get more done today.

This is an older image I have sold many products on.

Vintage Red Motorcycle Print

I have redone this image, haven't posted the new one yet but this one is still fine as it is.  Check it out here.  Sold a luggage tag this week!
Vintage Red Motorcycle Bag Tags
Vintage Red Motorcycle Bag Tags by Kinder_Kleider
Shop for additional Bag Tags at zazzle.com

Friday, September 5, 2014


I am almost, almost normal.  Still coughing.  I pigged out the last few days, of course on bad bad sweets and chocolate.  Was the only thing that didn't hurt to eat! Well I am back on track and ready to be done with this cold!

Boy that sun is hot!  I had the shades up working yesterday and had to close them.  Thought I would get a sunburn through the window!

I have three more Halloween images to post today and then I will start some Christmas and winter designs.  Holidays are coming up fast.


Another product I sold this week to showcase!

Boa Constrictor Pop Art

I love this print!  I like how it came out, check out all the products here.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Getting a little better.

Still have a fever but feeling a bit better.  Got lots of Halloween posted!  That is a plus. So I will continue on today, get back into the regular routine and will myself better!

How about another product that sold over the weekend!

Vintage Pedal Car

Fun vintage image of a fun vintage toy!  Sold it on the tie but available on more products here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why do I get a cold worse than others?

Maybe because I am getting old or maybe from past illness my body doesn't fight as well but really, still sick.  My son had one bad night and then a bit of congestion the next and other than a slight hoarse voice he is perfect.  Me, still sore throat, fever, pain in collar bone and coughing and this is day four!!!  I eat right, exercise and take vitamins. Grrr.

Well today I am showcasing another popular product that I sold over the weekend! I am still adding Halloween images and you will see those soon, bwa ha ha! (scary laugh)

Fly Pop Art

Just a basic illustration of a fly I transformed into a fun pop art print!  I do sell this one throughout the year. Check all the products here.
Fly Pop Art Tee Shirt
Fly Pop Art Tee Shirt by Kinder_Kleider
View Fly T-Shirts online at zazzle

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


My son was starting to get congested on Thursday and Friday, which I knew would happen because of being in a new environment and around other kids it is inevitable that a cold would arrive.  Well he was really sick Friday night then has been getting better every day.  Well Saturday night I sneezed and within a few hours I was knocked down.  Fevers, congestion, the works.  I still am fighting a small fever this morning and my throat is sore so I am enjoying that!  Did enjoy the holiday but wish I could have enjoyed it to its fullest!

I am happy to see some of my new Halloween designs already selling!  YEA! I got 11 more done and ready to upload to products.  Better get moving.

Today is a Thanksgiving image.

Thanksgiving Watercolor

A few repairs and color adjustment and voila, a masterpiece! Check out the products here.