Friday, May 24, 2013

I love warm weather but be careful what you wish for....

It is cold, almost down to the 30's and that is from 78 degrees last night. Brrr. What a yo yo in the weather. At least the house smells great with gluten free vanilla cake! I am baking two layers, cutting those layers in have and filling with a thick strawberry cream then top the cake in a whipped vanilla icing with sliced strawberries...yum! Will ice it tomorrow but got the cake done today. It is for Memorial Day, which we are doing on Sunday so all the family can attend. Can't wait....can't wait....CAN'T WAIT for Strawberry CAKE!

Ok down to business, got another image done and uploaded. Cute vintage print of a cat being bit by a rat. Love the look on the cat's face, the look I get from my parents cat when my son runs around!

Vintage Cat and Rat Print

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Buzzing Bees

Hot weather and bees are abound. Rescued at least a dozen from the screen porch. Hopefully the weather will even out and we can eat outside soon.

Vintage Honey Bee Art Print
This is a nice vintage illustration of honey bees!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday with a side of HEAT!

Boy is it hot and muggy, from one extreme to another. We are expecting cooler temps this weekend. Up and down! Sold some nice phone covers and some post cards yesterday. I am always amazed at my sales. I never think what artwork I put on or images repaired are ever finished so I have in the back of my mind that no one would buy this but they do and comment on how they like it. I hope I can continue and grow this hobby. It makes me happy to do something on my own.

Potato Beetle Art Print
I like bugs. I think they are a marvel of nature's engineering. Some are so pretty like jewels and others are just spiky and skinny that you wonder how they are even alive. I like this little vintage print of a potato beetle. Just so cute!
Potato Beetle Art Print Messenger Bag
Potato Beetle Art Print Messenger Bag by Kinder_Kleider
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I remembered to vote but almost forgot to post!

It's primary day! I did vote! Went this morning with my son and we had a nice time. He has gone to every vote since he was born, don't think I missed any. He loves it and so do I.

Got something sort of red white and blue. A vintage match label I remastered. I am still learning different techniques on my graphics programs but doing it on my own without "reading" up on it is exciting. I know, doesn't take much to excite me!

Vintage Vulcan Safety Match Label
A little dog and cat action!

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Artwork....WHAT!

I am not 100% back to normal but most of this cold has gone. It lasted so long! Over three weeks, of course my son had it for a few days but the rest of us suffered for weeks. I could not do any computer work, my eyes were just not working right but over this weekend I started back up and got some new designs uploaded! Did lots of sales which is great because I need a new (used) car and am trying to save enough for a nice down payment but of course life keeps popping up little issues that happen to cost as much as I save and I end up starting again. Let's hope my van can hold out a while longer before the big breakdown.....

Picnic Frog
Cute spring and summer image. Hoping to have a picnic soon myself, if the weather ever turns to spring and summer!