Thursday, August 6, 2015

It was hot yesterday.

Okay it was cooler in temp wise but I thought it was hotter than our heat wave days.  Managed to get the front of the garage done and I will have a picture of it tomorrow.  I worked right up to the time to pick my son up at camp.  Got him home, freshened up, made dinner, ran and errand and discovered a mystery!

The mystery.  I was so sad the other day, I found the friendly blackbird that we had enjoyed seeing in our yard every day deceased by another animal so I gave him a proper burial.  Well the next day the burial spot was dug up and the rest of the blackbird is gone.  Now I dug deep and tamped and put a rock on top.  Something big dug him up so now we have a mystery.  Though I like to think he turned into a phoenix and rose up in the sky.  He was a nice bird.

Now to another sale...
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Some science today! I do like this pop art design I made. It is another popular one.

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