Monday, September 30, 2013

Last day of September.

Today is it for September. I can't believe how fast this year is going. October tomorrow! Halloween is on it's way and some how I have to construct a scary Hawaiian spider costume for my son. That is what he wants to be and has not budged. I started some planning and will have to start soon if that spider is what he wants to be.

We are still sort of sick. I hate when colds hold on for a long time.

Today I have another bird illustration in a series of 14.

Vintage Pink Cockatoo Print
Just a bit of color correction and repairs on the edges of this print.

Friday, September 27, 2013

At least the sun is out.

Well this cold is going on about a week now. My son seems a bit better today, yesterday was rough for him. Of course it is beautiful outside and we are stuck inside sick. Maybe we can sit out in the sun for a bit today. Get some rays to help get rid of this cold.

I have a nice owl print today.
Have a great weekend!

Vintage Owl Print
Did a bit of work on this image to make it usable. I like it!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


My son's cold has now moved to his tummy. Poor guy. So it is movies and resting for the day. Me still having issues with this cold too. BLAH! Trying to keep his spirits up, my spirits up and keep things running. Maybe I can steal a minute of rest with him later too.
No showcase item today. Tomorrow will be better, it will, I hope!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So so so sick.

Well yeah, I am sicky sick. My son's fever has gone, mine still hanging on. He is super stuffy still but looking much better, I am looking worse. I have the type of sore throat that isn't super painful but feels like squeezing around the neck and I don't like that for several reasons, one being I was so sick one time, my tonsils swelled so big and I had such a high fever, it was unbearable. Since then I have a fear of sore throats. I think it will be sort of rest day because being a mom does not give you any time to actually rest but will try and keep things light for the day. I can't work on the computer much, watery eyes does not make good art.

Today how about a pretty bird to enjoy!

Vintage Bird Illustration
Had to do some edge work on this design to make it look right, color correction and really not much repair work. Nice blue bird!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunny for the week!

Nice and sunny for the rest of the week, great time to have a cold! (argh) Well my poor son is sick, stuffy and sneezing. I am achy, fevers and sore throat so we make quite a pair! Got to go to the pharmacy for supplies this morning. Let's hope it goes fast. At least I made a ton of chicken soup!

Here Kitty, spotlight today!

Vintage Cat Portrait
Cute little graphic, just a bit of repair and added a background to complete this adorable kitty!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh No...

My son said he felt he had a sore throat last night, well I got one this morning....chicken soup tonight! He is still asleep and will hope he feels better.

I did do it, made 4 banana breads! We are ready for the upcoming holidays! (minus one loaf which was eaten right away!)It is an easy recipe using a box of gluten free cake mix. I got to try pumpkin bread....I love pumpkin bread.

Today I have a train to show you.

Vintage Green Railroad Engine
Nice simple image, needed some repair and color correction.
Vintage Green Railroad Engine Posters
Vintage Green Railroad Engine Posters by Kinder_Kleider
Check out Train Posters online at zazzle

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Baking

Going to be baking most likely 4 loaves of gluten free banana bread today. Should be set for the year after that. Can't let bananas go to waste! Since the bread freezes well, we will be set for the upcoming holidays.

Yesterday was fun, my son helped me vacuum and wash the car. He practiced his bike riding skills and we raced R/C cars all within 2 hours. Today is Math day for preschool so watch out numbers!

Today's showcase is a vintage tropical bird print.

Vintage Parrot Print
Some repair to this print and color correction, overall I like it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It is getting warmer.

Well today will be around 75 degrees and tomorrow up to 80 degrees. Then we go to fall weather again fast. Will enjoy these last warm days and enjoy even more the cool days to come. Our dinosaur craft yesterday came out so cool. Tiny pieces to put together but we managed to create a walking dino. That was fun. Next time we will put together a monster for Halloween!

A little colorful design today.

Retro Mushrooms
Very nice bright colors in this retro mushroom print!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mid week wonders...

Today my son and I are building a dinosaur that will walk on its own. Every Wednesday is "Creative" day. We do art, crafts, field trips and such. So far we have gone hiking, made race cars, trains, planes and painted. It has helped him so much in staying focused on one task for a period of time.

Since we are having a magical day, how about a magical design..

Vintage White Rabbit
This image just needed a few repairs but such a cutie bunny!
Vintage White Rabbit Party Plate
Vintage White Rabbit Party Plate by Kinder_Kleider
Look at more Rabbit Plates at zazzle

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brrr it is wonderfully cold outside!

I am ready for the cold weather, I can drink hot tea, cocoa and snuggle under a blanket. I love watching the leaves change every day to wonderful fiery colors and then fall to the ground. Bundling up in layers and spending time walking and enjoying the crisp air. Then comes my next favorite event....first snow flurries! I just love all the seasons.

I have been pumping out the designs, they are back logged to be uploaded, which is a first for me! To be able to get something ready and uploaded in one day now is just amazing after dealing with such computer issues. I should have taken care of it earlier.

Pop Art Octopus
Cute basic woodcut I remastered into a fun pop art piece.

Monday, September 16, 2013


I am already running late today. I can't wait to get back on my usual schedule, one month can really disrupt your routine. I would say I am almost back from recovering from surgery. I still have sleep issues but I am slowly getting back down to my usual weight so that is a plus.

I did not work on any new graphics on the weekend. I took the time to enjoy the fall like weather and finish some other projects I had started. That doesn't mean I don't have anything new!

Vintage Mushroom Print
This is a classic image of nature. I love the color of mushrooms and the role they play in fairy tales. Some light repair work on this picture to bring out its colors.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Finally Friday

Every Friday is math and numbers day for my son. We work on numbers and basic math. He is doing so well. I try and make some lessons involve daily life activities. Since I am making my super famous, ultra delicious gluten free pizza tonight, I think I will have my son watch how to divide a pie into slices!

Something is fishy....oh wait it is a Tench fish!

Vintage Tench Fish Print
Love the colors, love the fish, love love love! I have several others to work on. I love fish, deer and game images and would love to have a cabin filled with cozy nature items.
Vintage Tench Fish Print Business Card
Vintage Tench Fish Print Business Card by Kinder_Kleider
See other Tench Business Cards at zazzle

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Guess what's for dinner?

Taco night! When ever I make tacos I make enough filling to freeze so any time can be taco time. Last time my 4yr old ate 3 1/2 tacos! He loves them so he is sure to enjoy tonight's dinner.

Well with a faster computer I have been able to work on so much designs that I have a line of them ready to upload, actually 14 of them. Never have I been able to create so fast.

Today is a Deer day image!

Vintage Deer Print
Nice vintage print with bright colors!
Vintage Deer Print Card
Vintage Deer Print Card by Kinder_Kleider
Look at more Deer Cards at zazzle

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My thoughts are with the country today in remembering 9/11. As with many others, I still feel like it happened yesterday and find it difficult to see the images on TV today. I will never forget that day and send my love to everyone everywhere.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The power of sleep.

You really don't appreciate how important sleep is until you go without it. I am still having trouble sleeping, this time when I finally got to sleep my son came in with a nightmare. Got him back to bed and him feeling better but I could not get back to sleep....go caffeine today!

Gobble gobble. Turkey day card ahead!

Vintage Turkey Card
Cute vintage print, did some color correction and added a nice background! Gobbble gobble...
Vintage Turkey Print Cards
Vintage Turkey Print Cards by Kinder_Kleider
View Turkey Cards online at zazzle

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Monday

Cool-ish today but hot hot hot tomorrow. I can't wait for the fall weather, hot tea, cider, pumpkins, leaves everywhere. Sounds like a dream!

I guess I am in the low 2% who have (not complications) but other reactions to the surgery I had. I should have been done and over with the aftermath but may have another month to go. I am starting walking again, gained a bit being off my feet but really need to get back to my old routine.

Got another Halloween Greeting...

Vintage Owl and Cat Halloween Greeting
Very nice graphic. Love the colors!

Friday, September 6, 2013


Ahh Friday! Today is Number and Math day for my son. We got some flashcards with Spongebob on then so he is excited to try them out! He wants to get a giant sticker for doing a good job. Might add something special to that as well since he works so hard during our sessions.

Well normally with my slow computer I could get maybe three designs done and ready for upload during the day, now with a dramatic speed up (cleaned 9GB of junk off) I got 14 images ready! Loving that!

Some more Halloween images.

Vintage Halloween Candle Greeting
I love vintage Halloween graphics. They are cute and leave out the scary.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thanksgiving is not that far away...

And the stores have already placed, discounted and finished with Thanksgiving decorations already, Halloween is out and some stores have Christmas up. I always miss the Thanksgiving decorations because I look after Halloween but if you don't look now you are out of luck.

So keeping up with the store displays I have some Thanksgiving art today.

Vintage Thanksgiving Greeting Card
Had to recolor this image in order for it to work at all. I like it!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are things starting to work out?

Maybe my luck is starting to turn around, phone is working now, computer is going fast...let's see if it continues! Could use some more good luck.

Working on more holiday designs, not just Christmas but Halloween and Thanksgiving. I usually forget to do holiday designs until the particular holiday arrives but this year I am working ahead! Trying to make a plan. Maybe just a few designs but over time they should add up to a nice selection.

Retro Halloween Ladies
This is a fun Halloween collage I came up with using a vintage Halloween image.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Things are starting to move!

Don't want to jinx it but my computer is going faster...very noticeable! Now we will see how much more productive I can be now that I won't be frustrated and want to toss the computer out the window. My phone is still not working right so that is on today's agenda. Not feeling well today, hopefully not catching a cold, last thing I need!

Halloween is next month....

Vintage Halloween Greeting
Nice simple image for Halloween.