Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Need the holiday rest!

I forgot to hit the publish button yesterday so my post was late in the afternoon!  I am tired.  Can't wait to just sit and eat turkey and pie for a few days.

I ended up re caulking another section of the shower unit.  My son is a good tester.  He sprayed water everywhere in the shower and a good thing too. Found that some of the caulk I missed smoothing down and it didn't make a good seal.  Well now that is fixed.  A cabinet is coming for the wall and I found a matching floor cabinet but it is not in stock anywhere in stores or online.  I have to do some super searches of find something similar.

Got the bread cut and toasted for stuffing.  Doing the yams today so we can just heat and eat.  They are so simple, peel and cut 3lbs of yams/sweet potatoes, add 2 sticks of butter, 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup sugar. cover and cook on medium heat until potatoes are tender!  So easy and yummy and much better than the canned yams.

I am rambling cause I am exhausted.  Not even thinking about the snow, tons that are forcasted for here today.

I will be back Monday!!!  
Happy Thanksgiving to all 
and enjoy the long holiday weekend!!!

Today is more Christmas images!

Vintage Santa at the Door
A really nice vintage Santa Christmas card!  Love it!!!  Check all the products here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Snow Coming???

Maybe 6"  of snow by the end of Wednesday!  It was almost 70 degrees yesterday.  Now that is wild weather!  Speaking about wild things, I went to the supermarket yesterday to pick up the last remaining ingredients needed for Turkey day dinner.  Thought if I get today I would avoid the crowds. Well I was wrong.  I spent more time in line than shopping the store!  Everybody is getting the Turkey day stuff early.  I am sure the upcoming snow storm has something to do with it!

I will be back to Zazzle next week.  I am really excited to get the ideas out of my head and on to digital paper.

Today is a very beautiful vintage greeting card print.

Vintage Girl Christmas Greeting
She is so lovely and dressed so beautiful!  One of my favorites! Check out all the products here.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving around the corner!

Bathroom is 95% done!  Just some decorator touches and a cabinet, shelving and some mats and we can call it complete!!!!!!!!  Now my son doesn't have to run down a flight of stairs, through the long hall and through the kitchen to go to the bathroom at night, and neither do I!  It is wonderful and as soon as I finish the final touches I will post before and after pictures.

With the holiday preparations this week and removal of the A/C units (on hold while construction was going on) I don't think I will back to more artwork until next week. I will help with the thanksgiving meal prep by getting stuffing ready early, really good yam recipe together and whatever else is needed.
I still have many of my recent uploads to show though!

Holiday Greetings
This was just a vintage house graphic that I turned into a collage of holiday greeting!  Check all the products out here.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Now we are making progress.

Shower walls are up and the faucet and shower head installed.  Door and walls are today.  Then just clean and touch up and install the "hardware" and bathroom complete!  Amazing.  I am visiting my son's school today for education week so some of my work time will be limited, plus I am making pizza tonight!

Have a great weekend.  We are getting a weather warm up so certainly will enjoy it!

Today I have a Christmas collage I put together.

Christmas Greetings
I used a vintage holiday basket and created a custom greeting card!  Check out the products here.
Christmas Greetings Cards
Christmas Greetings Cards by Kinder_Kleider
View Holly Cards online at zazzle

Thursday, November 20, 2014


The bathroom floor looks nice, toilet is just about installed and next is the sink.  You don't realize the hard work it takes and the length of time a project like this entails until you actually do it.  Certainly was a pipe dream to have it done last week! Wait till you see the before and after.  What a difference!!

Today's showcase...

Vintage Christmas Greetings
A very nice Christmas card.  Children in the snow! Check out the products here.
Vintage Christmas Greeting Announcement
Vintage Christmas Greeting Announcement by Kinder_Kleider
Check out more Children Invitations at Zazzle

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Now the floor is looking nice.  Will post pics when done, I am liking it.  It was an epoxy grout so something different than the usual stuff.  I will have quite a list of talents by the end of this project.

I had a nice day of sales yesterday.  Many science theme items.  I like that!  I am a geek you know!  Some lovely holiday cards as well.  Hopefully I can get some New Year designs on before the new year!

Today I have a cute Christmas design!

Vintage Holiday Bonnet Girls
My grandmother made me a quilt of bonnet girls and this vintage image reminds me of that special quilt!  Check out all the products here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Things can change in an instant!

Well yesterday's dental visit had an extraction done.  I knew my son needed one, it was just a bad tooth and had to go.  I didn't realize it was this visit until it was done.  He was a trooper.  He did excellent and without sedation.  What 6 year old would go through that so well!  He ended up staying home from school yesterday while he was on the mend. It was a big procedure for him.  I was tending to him so grout was put off until today.  That is good, needed another day rest to be ready.  Big job!

Been making some sales through the weekend. I like seeing that. I want to get some more product on.  Tried yesterday but really couldn't focus.  I will get some more on soon!

I do have another holiday image to show!

Vintage Holiday Children

I love vintage holiday cards.  This is another cute one of children.  Wish we still dressed so fancy for the holidays.  Makes it a special time.  Check all the products here.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I almost forgot!!

My son has a dentist appointment at 8 and I have to leave in 10 minutes!  Got to run, had to put off grouting till today so that is what happens when I am back!  Will post better tomorrow.  Need to warm up the car!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my son!  6 YEARS OLD today!  Amazing.  He is a wonderful, kind young man and has made me so proud.  He is also sporting two more loose teeth so get ready tooth fairy!  Today is finish his cake.  Get presents together and party supplies for tomorrow.  I also have an appointment this afternoon so I will be in a hurry to get back to pick my son up at the bus stop.  Busy Busy Busy!!

Hope all have a great weekend.  We are going to eat CAKE all weekend!

Today I have another holiday showcase.

Vintage Cherubs in the Snow
I quite like this vintage holiday greeting.  Not much to repair, just some color correction and enhancements. Check out all the products here.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holding on..

I seem to be two to three days behind my father in this cold.  Back pain shot up yesterday.  He had that two days prior during this cold.  I am pushing through.  Cleaning like mad to get that fine dust picked up and out of the house.  I feel bad not working on any artwork but really I couldn't if I wanted to with this cold.  My eyes are pretty much shot.  Again I am happy that I learned to type without looking at the keys. Makes it easier when you don't feel well.

Today I start baking cupcakes and the cake.  They are refrigerated because of the type of icing I make.  Not sugary icing, made with pudding and cool whip so refrigeration is a must.  That is fine with me.  I like my cake cold!  I also have to get the taco meat prepared.  I want to make sure I have enough for both turkey and beef. My boy loves tacos!

Today I will have a showcase!\

This is a classic Santa image.  I colorized it and added my own background. Check out all the products here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I have no idea what is going on...

This is ridiculous. I think I have been sick for a week every month for the past few months.  Apparently I messed up my post yesterday.  Never clicked published until late in the day.  Sorry.  I have such an earache. Today I have to be better, even if I am not.  I have a whole house to clean.  Dust from construction got everywhere even though you seal the work area up it sneaks out and covers everything. I have a party to prepare for Friday and Saturday.  Lucky boy gets a little party on his birthday Friday then the family party on Saturday.  Oh!!!  My son lost his first tooth!!!  It was great.   He was brushing his teeth like a good boy and yelled MOM!!!!  The tooth fairy visited and was he every excited.  He dreamed he talked to her.  So adorable!

Well today is cleaning while feeling awful, tomorrow is baking cake, cupcakes and the food for Saturday so it is easy to prepare.  I have appointment on Friday so that makes any prep hard then so it falls for Thursday. Also I have bathroom construction to sneak in too.  The lights are up, medicine cabinet in, now it is time to lay tile.

No showcase today. The light from the computer is blinding my eyes.  And I am supposed to get the house cleaned today...ha.  I am typing with my eyes closed, checking for spelling mistakes every so often.  One skill I have is typing without looking at the keys, may come in handy one day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans' Day

Thank you to all who served our country.

Today my son is off from school so he has plans for me today.  I am still sick but I think his plans are to watch a movie together so I certainly can handle that.  Sales are starting to increase with the holidays approaching!  I am almost done with my Christmas shopping.  I like to be done before December so I can just enjoy the month and all the festivities that arise!

Today I will have a showcase...

Vintage Poinsettia Greeting
This is a very nice vintage greeting card. It did have some lines running through it from a corrugated like paper but I digitally removed them just to make the image more clear.  It would be alright in person holding the card but not so much as a digital image.  Check all the products out here.

Monday, November 10, 2014

No, No, No

I AM SICK...AGAIN!!! NO!!!!!  Started Saturday and really hit yesterday and today.  I have to be somewhat well today.  Last coat on walls to paint so the next phase can start in the bathroom.  A bit behind because I am not only one sick. 

I am too sneezy, coughing, achy and have watery eyes to post a picture of new artwork.  I can barely type but need to keep it together enough to get that last coat of paint on the walls then off to fair!!!!!
I am taking vitamins, exercising and eating right to stay healthy...maybe I should eat more fries.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ahhh Friday!

Now the bathroom is on the verge of primer ready.  Maybe by the end of today! This is such a fun project. I can't wait to see the final result!

Been selling some postcards, stickers and ties.  When I get a sale I want to jump right in with more artwork. That has been the tough part of the construction is putting my artwork aside while we finish.  I will be re energized for sure when I start back up!

I hope you enjoy the weekend
We might see our first snow flurries today. I am super excited for that as well!

Today I have another vintage Christmas card design.

Sleigh Riding Children
So adorable! Little children dressed as elves. How cute is that! Check all the products out here.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


We have the first coat of joint compound on the walls.  Looking like a room!  If we are really good we might be able to make the second coat the finish coat but that is depending on how well I do! Definitely will be priming by Friday and painting this weekend.  Then we lay tile, grout, install fixtures and voila! A new bathroom!!!  Then I can get back to creating more artwork and repairing images.

Today I have another vintage Christmas card!

Vintage Santa and the Letter
This is a really nice vintage Christmas card.  Check out the products here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whoa it's Wednesday!

The new room is coming along nicely and still at it today.  I have a party to prepare for my son.  His 6th birthday is coming up fast! I can't believe that either.  Six years already!!!

Nothing new on the Zazzle front. Did sell some more items last night.  The honey bee print I have sells nicely. Just sold a phone cover! I do have a mountain of ideas but I must wait until construction is finished.  Most likely next week we will be done.

Today I have a really sweet vintage Christmas card!

Vintage Santa and Telephone
I like this print. So sweet!  Not much to repair on this print.  Check all the products here.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Making progress!

The room is completely drywalled.  Now comes mudding and taping.  Soon we will have another bathroom!!

I have been making some sales.  Not bad but seems to have slowed a bit.  Hopefully the holiday will see some increase.

Don't forget to vote today!  That is where I am off to now then back home to work!

Today I have a really nice vintage Christmas print.

Vintage Santa's List
This is a nice image, better stay off the naughty list! Check all the products here.


Yes it is November.  Was 26 degrees with the windchill. I have been helping drywall the new room.  Helped install a skylight on the roof and various Halloween activities.  Will be helping put the last few sheets of drywall up today and then it is ready to mud and tape!  Can't wait.  Got to be done before Thanksgiving.

With all the construction I have not been working on Zazzle.  Once finished I will be making more artwork. I have ideas and some half finished project and of course the never ending motorcycles also!

I will showcase another holiday print!

Vintage Santa Balloon Ride
This is another beautiful vintage print.  Check out all the products here.