Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hot here!

Boy it was hot and muggy yesterday.  Got sanding done on a picnic table I am reconditioning. Finish sanding today and possible staining on Thursday.  Then I decide if I will paint something decorative on the top.

I am confused with Zazzle.  I am getting sale notifications in my email but they are not showing up when I check my account....must look into that!  I may have lots of sales I don't know about.  This is one of my new sales.

Violin Car Bumper Sticker
Violin Car Bumper Sticker by Kinder_Kleider
See more Music Bumper Stickers at

Another design I love!  I should get my violin out and give it a go.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


**  I forgot to hit the publish button!!!  Sorry....late!

We finished the porch...phew.  It was a marathon, re-screened 34 panels. We had all yesterday to relax and enjoy the back porch and the holiday. It turned out really nice. 

Today I have many errands to run to catch back up, and appointments this week that I can't forget! It is going to be hot this week also.  My  next project is a picnic table to sand and stain.  Then we can set up the other deck for the summer. 

No new sales this weekend but we have a fresh week starting today!  Off to start the day!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

So close to the finish line.

All but one door has two coats of paint. Plus the other door has new screening put in.  We might hold off on the second door, it is great shape.  We may paint it later.  Staining the decking is next then about 30 pieces of screening need to be put in.  Then we can assemble the furniture again.  I am exhausted.  Cleaning up the painting tools is on the agenda today.  Maybe some floor prep work.  All in all it is working out great.

Going to make cupcakes for Memorial Day.  YUM!!! I think it is bratwurst and potato salad for the meals.  YUM YUM!  Great day to relax.

Made a sale yesterday!  Love this one too...
Elephant Woodcut Postcard
Elephant Woodcut Postcard by Kinder_Kleider
Find more Elephant Postcards at Zazzle

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Be back on Tuesday.  I am going to rest all day Memorial Day...more projects await!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I froze yesterday!

I knew it was going to be cooler but wow, it was in the 40's with a 30 degree windchill during the morning and early afternoon.  The paint we have can be used down to 34 degrees so yes we were painting.  I had three shirts on (coats packed away for the summer), some gloves and a scarf I left out, leg warmers and hot lemon water. We have one length of eaves to paint two coats and one more door and the painting is done.   Then comes the re-screening and staining.  I think we will make it for Memorial Day!

No sales yesterday either..sigh. So today I will showcase a popular item from my store. I don't have new stuff yet but will soon!

I like this one, a unique business card!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A gorgous day today!

I know we can get the 2nd coat on the rest of the porch and the two coats outside done today!  That would leave staining the deck.  Yeah!  I know we will be done before Memorial Day.  I am up early to get ready to paint.

No sales yesterday.  That's okay. I do have this one to show...

It sold with a bunch of other a few days ago. I love this design.  I sell quite of few products with this image.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Local Elections today!

Heading off to vote this morning. Our local area has some offices up for election.  Taking my son with me before school.  He has been to every election since he was born.  He is excited!

We got the first coat of the paint on everything yesterday and the rain held off for hours so it was able to dry. Don't know if the second coat will go on today.  We are expecting storms this morning. The afternoon will be nice but the moisture may be too much.

More sales yesterday!!!!  Below is another popular item.  I must create more instrument themed products.

They do sell well. Someday I would love to have a music room full of instruments to play.  So far I have a violin.  It is a start!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Starting a new week.

More painting, as long as the weather holds out.  Ceiling is done and the railings and posts are next. We had some rain move in on the weekend and that set this project back a bit.  Can we finish by Memorial Day?  That is our goal.

I didn't get much time to work on Zazzle but did make sales over the weekend. This is a nice vintage print.  I have sold some in the past. Nice to see it sell again...

Sometimes I think my brain gets too full of ideas and get too over stressed that I won't get them done. I need to just pick one idea and go with it...prioritize!