Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More wild weather on the way!

We are in for some interesting weather this afternoon.  May not have school.  If the school decides to let out early then my son will not have afternoon kindergarten.  We will see. I have been packing items for the yard sale.  I got several boxes out of my son's room.  He is transitioning into more child toys then toddler so we will have a bunch for the yard sale.  He has way too many toys. My son has his sights on something already to buy from his yard sale profits.

I did not get to zazzle yesterday.  After getting my son off to school and tackling only a portion of his room, the day just got away from me.  If he has school tomorrow then definitely I will be able to get to some zazzling. This is a tough time, our yard sale is a big deal in the neighborhood so we like to be ready and start almost two months ahead of time to get ready. The road in front of the house and the side streets are usually packed with cars!!

Keeping an eye on my phone to see if there is school or not!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Delayed School Day Today.

We got at least 5 inches of snow. It is still flurrying outside. We are getting more snow tomorrow afternoon and I believe on Thursday as well.  March is coming in like a lion!  My son loves it!

Well today I plan on doing small uploads of my new zazzle image.  Instead of one big one I will do it in pieces.  Hopefully I can get this one image done!  I have been selling nicely.  I recently sold 450 keychains!  I was so surprised and happy! 

I am also starting to gather and price items for our yard sale.  I know it is 2 months away but we have so much stuff that if we don't start now then we will be struggling and stressing out when the time comes.  We are getting a following for our yard sales, I believe it is our 4th year in a row!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

I forgot to post this morning!

I was helping my mom this early this morning and I knew I forgot something.  I just realized I didn't post today.  Yesterday was a disaster zazzle wise.  I was roaring along making products for a bulk upload and Wham! My browser crashed and I lost all my work.  Still can not save any progress on a bulk upload.  I was so upset I just said forget it.  I will do it later when I calm down.  I think I might have to do single product uploads in order to prevent this from happening again.  I can have 100's of products designed and ready but if my browser crashes or I accidentally hit the back button then I lose it all.  No Fair!

I did make 3 dozen gluten free pierogies yesterday. Half we eat tonight and the other half for another day, Yum!
Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pierogi Making

Almost finished my Zazzle product, had a chance yesterday to work on my car so I took it. My one wiper came apart,  not even 6 months old! Had to replace that and I checked fluids and tire pressure. Lost a cap over an access point on the door frame so I found a suitable replacement.

Today I make pierogies for tomorrow. Homemade is the best. Plus I will get that zazzle done.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I started putting my only artwork I have ready on Zazzle.  I started late yesterday so I will finish it up today. Normal school day so I will get a few minutes to work on some stuff.  I have no new St. Patrick's Day or Easter artwork on so that is something I better get a move on.  At least if I get one for each holiday posted that would be a plus.

The boards on the deck were popping again all night. The are popping now as the sun is hitting them.  Amazing how loud it is and how powerful the weather is.

I am being hailed to make breakfast, the little one is hungry!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Delayed Start Again!

It was so cold yesterday and colder last night. Didn't sleep much, every time I drifted off one of the boards on the deck popped from the extreme cold. Sounded like something hitting the house.  Don't know how my son slept through it.  Think we will have some repairs this spring.

I made it to Zazzle website yesterday.  That is a step in the right direction.  I am seeing what items are selling and try to trim product that doesn't sell when posting new images. Make posting quicker,  I hope!

Monday, February 23, 2015


Last Friday was unpleasant.  I felt so nauseous, I just wanted to hide.  The headache was just about gone but still felt dizzy.  I had to go into school for volunteer work. I made it through but barely. Now that the weekend has passed I am feeling much better. I still just slightly out of it but functional.  I will certainly not get back into the diet soda habit.  Much healthier this way.

I have a ton of laundry today.  I can not believe for 4 days my son went through so many clothes. I have some things to catch up on but I am anxious to start back working on artwork before I forget how!