Friday, December 19, 2014

My math is not so good.

It was 7 days to Christmas yesterday and 6 days left today!  Better get my math straight.
Got the chocolate chip cookies done yesterday.  Going to the school today to volunteer. Lots of stuff going on this weekend, finishing cookies and more things to prepare for the holidays!  Have a great weekend!

Pictures of the primed bathroom!

Vintage Santa Claus Wreath
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Vintage Santa Claus Wreath Stamp
Vintage Santa Claus Wreath Stamp by Kinder_Kleider
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

8 days to Christmas!

Coming fast, found some presents I didn't wrap yet....that is on the agenda today! Chocolate Chip Cookies tomorrow.  I am at the school on Friday and then more cookies, final wrapping and prepping for another day at the school on Monday.  Now the storm for the weekend has fizzled but they are expecting a wintry mix on!  I hope it holds off and we can have our little Holiday party!  I guess tomorrow we will have a clearer picture of what is to come from the weatherman!

More bathroom pics ahead...
This was the hardest part, putting on the joint compound.

Floor is getting prepped for tile.

We had some interesting angles to work on!

A bit blurry but you can see all the work done!
I will post the next series tomorrow! Wait till you see the final product.

I have a vintage image I just love, love, love today!

Vintage Boy and Dog
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I almost forgot about the bathroom!

Shame on me!  Here is some starting photos and I will show more tomorrow and the next day etc.

We started with a room of just studs.  Had a plumber come in and rough out the drains and water supplies and we took over from there.

Just the studs!
Working our way with the wall board

I cut the medicine cabinet hole!

Almost around the room

Looking good!
Another set of pics tomorrow to show all the work my father and I did!  It was fun.  IT looks Amazing!  Stay tuned to see it finished!!

Ok I have a fun image to show today.

Vintage Santa Claus
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Vintage Santa Claus Card
Vintage Santa Claus Card by Kinder_Kleider
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Getting stressed?

I know I have time to finish what I need before Christmas but still feel like I am behind!  Think it is because I have items left out for wrapping, decorating and shipping and I like things put away.  Feels unfinished.

Today I am running some errands and more wrapping.  Most everything is wrapped, just some items that are coming in now. I think chocolate chip cookies will be started this week too. 

Raining today, possible snow storm Sunday....I am working on a party for school next Monday.  I hope the weather stays okay so we can give something special for the kids before the holiday break.

Yesterday was a snowman so today is a...

Vintage Snow Princess
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Trying to finish stuff today

Hoping to finish decorating, wrapping most of the presents left and then some shopping for final items during the week.  I have cookies to bake, volunteering at the school for a few days and what ever else pops up!  Keeping me busy.  Will be nice to enjoy the holidays once the rush is done.

Zazzle has been doing nicely.  I like seeing that.  Wish it kept up like that all year.  That will be a goal for next year!

I am stuffed...ate too much over the weekend.  I figure that is what January 2nd is for....back to regular eating and getting myself back in shape.  I am not as bad as last year.  Had surgery last year and gained a lot of weight after that.  Lost it once I had recovered.  Just going to enjoy the rest of the year, keep my normal exercise routine and when January hits I will be fine.

Today I have more holiday images!

Ice Skating Snowman
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Finally Friday.

I have such a headache. I am volunteering in the school this afternoon so I hope I can get a handle on it.  Hope it doesn't go migraine on me.  I get them once in a great while, sort of feels like it.  Blah.  Still didn't get my list of ingredients together for cookies. Will do over the weekend!

I am off to tend to headache, have a great weekend and see you Monday!

Today is very nice vintage holiday card.

Vintage Cherub Holiday Greetings
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Where the weather reports wrong or what!

There was school yesterday!  That is great because they have some neat craft projects planned this week for the kids.  I am late posting, cleaning off snow and there is a delayed start to school so my son wanted to play in the snow for awhile.  I am now trying to warm up.  BRRR.  We only got about 4 inches, not much for here.  We might get a bit more tonight but that is iffy.

I want to finish my wrapping, I have a package to mail out and get my recipes together for cookies. I think I won't be doing anything new on Zazzle until after the holidays.  I really have a full schedule coming up.

Today I have something original.

Holly and Mistletoe
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