Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Not much progress...

Not going to make my deadline, too much to handle in the short time and with surprise interruptions I certainly will not be able to make my goal.  That's okay.

There is another cold going around, think I am getting it so it is a short post today...going to have some tea.

A fun image to welcome in OCTOBER!!!

Autumn Owl and Pumpkin

Check out this nice fall print on these products.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wow, what warm weather.

This whole week will be warm.  Maybe some grilling is in order! Cool weather to begin Saturday.  I think I will transfer out summer clothing and start bringing in fall/winter wear.  It's got to happen sometime!

Really didn't get much posted  That wasn't in the plan. Guess you have to go with the flow and sometimes it doesn't quite mesh with your plans.  That is okay. There is always tomorrow!

I have another new Halloween image that I have sold recently in postage stamp form.

Halloween Witch
Just altered this vintage image to look more like a paper cutout.  I like its simplicity and how it looks on all these products.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Two Days till October!

Oh my, September had flown by.  I like the seasons so I will enjoy leaves blowing in the wind, crisp and chilly winds and cider! Also a miracle, one zucchini survived the deer mauling.  It was hidden under a large leaf so the deer didn't see it.  I hope it makes it till Thursday or Friday.  Should be ready to pick by then.

We had a visitor on Sunday, check the pic below!

Lovely insect. She is so cool.  How can you not be in awe of nature!
Praying Mantis

I have 18 images to post by Friday, that would be 3 to 4 a day.  Let's see if I can do it.

Today is an adorable Halloween image.

Vintage Halloween Greetings
Lovely artwork, check all the products here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ahh Friday!

A turkey dinner is on schedule for tonight.  I can't wait for turkey, gravy and potatoes. Don't forget cranberry sauce! A preview before the big Thanksgiving day feast.  The zucchini pancakes were delicious last night, even though I had to buy some since the deer incident. The last batch of the season!  Of course potato pancakes will emerge through the fall.

I managed to get 4 images posted yesterday... YEA!!!  22 more designs to go. You can design fast but uploading takes the most time.  I know it will pay off in the end...get it "pay" off!

Another Halloween image!!! SCARY

Have an AWESOME weekend! 

Vintage Halloween Cat Decoration
This is a simple image I dressed up with some additional design elements.  I love vintage Halloween decorations and this one is especially great because it is a CAT! Check all the products out here.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Not too happy...

The deer ate all the remaining zucchini I had growing outside.  I had to purchase some in order to have enough to make zucchini pancakes for today.  Not a happy camper.  At least our pumpkin is still growing.  It is going to be a beauty!!!!

I am trying to get Christmas done by next Friday but I don't know if I am going to make it. Maybe if I do some over the weekend.  Would like to get moving on some new stuff soon.

Today is another Halloween image!

Vintage Halloween Boy

This needed lots of work to make it usable.  The pixelation was very noticeable.  I think I did an okay job in correcting.  Check it out on products here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Warm weather on the way!

I believe this is the last blast of warmth for the year, maybe two weeks of it.  I already ordered new boots, since my were over 10 years old and showing their age.  Got the same brand so hope they are still as well made as my last pair.  Got to be ready, snow can come anytime.  I remember Halloween my senior year of high school and we had a nice snowstorm!

Got three more images posted today but having a brain block on what background to use on an image.  I know it will work itself out.

Today of course is another Halloween image!

Halloween Cat and Pumpkin

I like this one, did some colorizing to the black and white image I had and some collage work.  Check the cool products here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why is food my enemy!!!

My list of foods I can eat gets smaller all the time.  I obviously got into some gluten over the weekend.  I know I had a week or two ago, not much as gluten but too many grains, and have been recovering from that.  But dealing with issues from some sort of allergic reaction.  I think it is just meat, veggies, fruit (except bananas) and some fish (no shellfish) that I will eat from now on and homemade. Any treats will have to be on holidays and only a small portion. Like I can ever have a small portion of treats. 

Christmas is still going on today!  Got only one image on products yesterday.  Got to step it to get everything I created up and posted!!!!!! (too much caffeine? Possibly)

Today another Halloween image to bring in the official start of FALL!

Vintage Halloween Cat

I did some rework on this design to make it more usable on larger products, only adjusted color and added the paper texture because that was missing. Check all the spooky products here.