Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rain, Rain and Rain

Still depending which weather person you watch we are either going to get massive rain the next few days or intermittent showers.  Well in any case I will be inside unless there is a big break of rain and I can get a quick walk in.  I did some decorating in my room yesterday...

I am working on Zazzle to get my last image posted to products.  All individually now, I did some research and it is recommended not to do the Quick Create tool.  It will take me longer but I will get it done.  Rain will help me stay focused!

How about a holiday showcase today...

I like this one, makes me want to do some more holiday images!  I can't believe it is the last day of September.  I was a beautiful month. So long September!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Okay, lets go for Tuesday!

Okay, am I ready for Tuesday?  I hope so!!  Rain is supposed to come in later today and be rainy for the next few days, at least what one weather outlet says, check another and it is different.  I guess it is a wait and see.  Got some fall decorating up yesterday after straightening my son's room.  He came home to fall leaves all over his room!

Sold more products yesterday!  I think the holiday rush might be early this year.  That would be nice!  Here is a holiday sale...

I do love this vintage print! It is so adorable with the bunnies and bird. If you remember this image sold on a cutting board awhile back. I wonder what other products this image will be sold on? Can't wait to find out!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday posts will be late because...

Sunday and Monday are my usual rest day from exercising and I sleep in a bit. Was up late last night capturing the blood moon!
Beautiful night, though clouds rolled in but parted in time to get some wonderful shots!  Glad I got to see it.  It won't happen again with a supermoon until 2033.

I made a few sales over the weekend.  It is nice because then I have lots of sales to show you!  Let's hope today will be a great sale day as well.  Here is todays...

I love this image. We have seen it on posters in the past but here it is on a greeting card. Very fun and very nice!!! I need to get some more stuff on!  Rainy day tomorrow.  Should be no excuses!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Friday!

Another week went by so fast!  Wow it will be October in no time.  Yesterday was picture day at school.
He is such a handsome devil!  So proud of him!!

Zazzle is still having a glitch or something with the quick create so I guess I will just have to place things manually.  I did make another few sales though.   I am happy with that but do want to get new things posted so I feel like I am earning it.  Here is one of the latest sales...
Banjo Car Bumper Sticker
Banjo Car Bumper Sticker by Kinder_Kleider
View more Banjo Bumper Stickers at

A Banjo bumper sticker!! How awesome is that!  This is another one of my favorites.  I know, just about everything is my favorite!  I do love banjos. 

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this last weekend of September, oh my!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's Thursday!

Car did well through service, had an additional recall that I didn't know about but got that fixed.  Go Car!  Make beef stew in the pressure cooker.  Wow...amazing!
Browned the meat and then added liquid, spices and added carrots and potatoes!
 Pressure cooked for 25 minutes and it looks good!
The potatoes were like butter!  Meat so tender and the carrots just perfect.  I will do this one again and again!

Today I have a showcase of...
Vintage Motorcycle Print Travel Bag Tags
Vintage Motorcycle Print Travel Bag Tags by Kinder_Kleider
Check out more Motorcycle Luggage Tags at Zazzle

a motorcycle luggage tag! I do love these vintage bike images. They are unique and gorgeous.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It rained yesterday!

When I wrote my post yesterday I did not look outside.  Well it rained until 9:00 am.  Out in the pouring rain with my son waiting for the bus!  Then poof, it disappeared and the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day!  I got my car washed and waxed ready to go in for service today.  I think I will be there awhile.
Started painting a lawn ornament that I stole from the yard.  It's a cute dog but the weather has removed quite a bit of its paint.  It was done in an antique copper look so now I am painting it more realistic.  We will see how that turns out!

I made more sales yesterday!  I am so happy!  My browser shut down and the bulk upload I was saving until Zazzle fixed it bug is gone.  I am so mad...

Well today I have something chilly...

This is a popular ski print and you probably have seen it in the past. Simple but gets you in the mood for winter!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Go Tuesday!!

Yesterday was a great day.  Got a lot accomplished...not Zazzle and I will explain below.  I have an appointment Wednesday to have a recall repaired on my car so yesterday I vacuumed and cleaned the inside. Today I will wash and do a quick wax on the outside.  Can't have a dirty car go in to service!  It wasn't that bad just needs a quick shine.

I did another pressure cooker meal last night...
 I loaded in some chicken breasts I rubbed in herbs and browned, chicken broth, spices and topped with baby potatoes.  Set it for 20 minutes and viola!
Yes I stole a bite before taking a picture.  It was very good.  Extremely juicy and tender.  The potatoes were melt in your mouth good!  I will be making this again.  Tonight is Taco Tuesday so no pressure cooker needed.

Okay on to Zazzle. You know in my previous post how I lost my work to be posted by dropping my post it notes on my mouse.  Well, then I was almost done getting everything ready to post a second time and the power dipped.  I think a backup battery is in order to prevent that.  So, I started a third time.  Got everything placed, description and tags typed in and hit the POST button.  Nothing happened. WHAT?!  So I checked the forum out and they suggest not using the "quick create" until they fix a problem.  I can't win sometimes!!  I can do them piece by piece which I will start tomorrow.  That is going to take awhile with 50 plus products.  Now on to the sale showcase...
Vintage Cycling Print Postcard
Vintage Cycling Print Postcard by Kinder_Kleider
Shop for Cycle Postcards online at

Another of my favorites! I love this vintage cycling print. It has wonderful colors and a great background scene!  The crowd cheering, buses and trucks following the cyclists!  A win win if you ask me!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Chilly this morning!

Brr, cold outside.  The summer is gone! It will be in the 70's today so not too bad. Speaking of chilly, I made chili in the pressure cooker on Friday.

Before cooking...

25 minutes later finished chili!
And I made taco bowls, very good chili!!

I also took my son to Hillside Farms on Saturday, we fed animals and enjoyed the fall decor.  It was wonderful and we will certainly be back again.

Today's showcase is...

A french horn! Love it! This is one instrument I never got to try yet. I will! I really like how they sound and they are just a cool looking instrument too.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Two days left of warm weather.

We have today and tomorrow for 80 degrees and then the weather changes right with the official start of Fall.  I will take advantage of these two days and then get ready for the autumn fun!  I do love all the seasons and just enjoy each change in weather, trees, snow etc!

I used the pressure cooker again yesterday for a cabbage and kielbasa soup.  Wow was it good, two bowls good!

 Loaded everything into the pressure cooker and then all I had to do is put the lid on, set the cook time and let it do it's thing!

It turned out so good.  I will definitely  make it again.  My  computer is acting funny so I am sorry for any weird spaces in my typing.  It seems to be running very slow even though I just installed all this virus and pc tuneup software.  Back to topic, I am going to do chili in the pressure cooker tonight.  We have large gluten free tortillas that I will make the "taco" bowls with and we will fill with chili!

DANGER ALERT: This hole in the street got me the other day.  I was standing and walking slowly around with my son waiting for the bus when I stepped into this hidden gem and twisted my ankle.  It is sore but not too bad.  Darn road is out to get me!

Today showcase is so cool!

I love this Irish Deer illustration. What a wonderful animal. I like it on the square pin, shows him off in style!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!  Enjoy the last few day of summer 2015!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A nice warm day!

It was a nice warm day yesterday.  I cleared off my desk!  That will make work easier.  I also walked 3 miles and tried the pressure cooker.  I did pork bbq ribs. They turned out very, very good!

 Got the pressure cooker from QVC.
 They look good!
 They tasted good too!

I have to call and make an appointment for my car, it has a recall, that sounds fun. I will be making a kielbasa and cabbage soup in the pressure cooker today as well. I will let you know how that turns out.  Sounds good!  I didn't get to yard work, try to today and wash my car.  Need to get a good coat of wax for the winter.  And guess what happened to my progress on my latest image I am placing on products???  I dropped my post it note cube on my mouse and it made the browser back up to the previous screen and I lost everything!!  I am started again and almost done, and being very careful!!!!

Today's showcase...
Bee Tees
Bee Tees by String_Theory
Create a unique t shirts design at Zazzle

I love bees!!! They were buzzing like mad today getting whatever nectar they could from the remaining flowers around. I just wish they didn't like stinging me so much, really the hornets. The bees seem to leave me alone. They are sweet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back to normal???

I started to get my own area caught up.  My desk is full of paperwork and I started going through that, started fall cleaning and after putting away my son's laundry I need to go through all his clothes.  I think he grew two sizes the past month! I also am working on putting my last design on more products. Then, a biggie, I sent out my resume for a job posting I found. That is exciting as well.  I have been on some interviews the past few months but as you noticed I didn't mention them because I didn't get the jobs.

Today is supposed to be beautiful.  I have some plants to remove for the winter, zucchinis need to go.  I want to get a walk in today.  I think better after a walk.  I hopefully will see my desk by the end of the day!  Also get the products posted I am working on uploaded to Zazzle. Oh, we got a pressure cooker and I am going to try and do pork ribs tonight.  I will let you know how that works.  We saw it on QVC and they got us hooked!  I am excited, supposed to be fast and delicious!

Today's sale showcase is...

A T Shirt! I like this vintage match label as well. I haven't sold a Tee in quite some time. This is nice with the cat and dog. Need to go through my vintage labels and get some more on!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The painting is done!

OMG! We finished the siding!  Our main goal is done.  We have the siding and trim painted!  We still have the foundation but that is a one day thing so it wasn't included in our goal.

This was the last section to do besides remove the planks and ladders.

Flashing painted and looks nice!

Now the new shingles are painted!

Looks so pretty!

Much better without the planks and the debris cleaned up!

Now we have to get the yard back to normal since we neglected some areas while painting!  We are so happy and it looks so good!

Today I have a sale that is one of my favorites...

I am lost without my glasses/contacts. I don't know what I would do without them. Really couldn't see my hand in front of my face!!! I do like this simple design.  I have sold it on many different products.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Rainy but fun weekend!

Friday I took my son to the fair, we had a wonderful time.  The weather stayed nice.  We saw farm animals, a baby kangaroo, elephants, we rode a camel and tons of rides!  We even came home with a fish.

Friday we have almost all the house done.  We couldn't finish over the weekend because of the rain but today we will.  I already baked a cake for the celebration tonight!
 The left side is done, two coats over the replacement siding!

 Painting the flashing so it blends into the house.  More pictures tomorrow of it finished.

You can see how nice the corner looks finished and how nice and bright the windows are now!

I still am selling nicely.  This is one I haven't seen sell in awhile...

Another nice vintage match label. We have lots of crows here. Three were in our birdbath the other day. Thought the whole thing would topple over, they were huge!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Rained yesterday.

No work on the house yesterday with the rain so I caught up on errands and chores. Today I only work a half day on the house, if it is dry, and then I have some food prep for a big block party tomorrow and I am taking my son to the local fair tonight as well.  It will be a busy day and a fun night! There are supposed to be elephants there so my son is thrilled. I will be taking pictures!

I can't believe and I am so happy that sales have been coming in everyday this month.  It is so wonderful to see. I know I haven't had much time for new items but that will change soon since the house is so close to being done!  Today I have a familiar design to show...
Fox Sleigh Ride Vintage Print
Fox Sleigh Ride Vintage Print by Kinder_Kleider
Check out other Winter Posters at

I have a feeling we will be sleigh riding very soon! Don't think I would use a log though. The weather experts are predicting a colder and snowier winter with El Nino. It should be interesting. Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the warm temps in the Northeast. Fall is just around the corner!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Was a hot, hot day again yesterday.

We were hoping to be on the final stretch by today but the heat was unbearable yesterday and today is supposed to be a washout so we will just have to wait.  We did get some things done.
 The new vent looks so nice, wouldn't believe it used to be an old rectangle window with screening tacked on!

 This is the progress we made yesterday.  The other side of the front is now re-shingled, primed and I did get one coat of brown on the front side.  The flashing will be painted brown at the end so all will match.

 Not much more to go up the side it is just a tight space so hard to work in.

This is the most dangerous area on the roof, the edge of the roof line.  We have bumped our heads on that thing a million times!

Today's showcase is something different...

This sold last year sometime so I am happy to see it sell again. A nice vintage match label.  Tropical look for a tropical day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It said 100 degrees on the thermometer yesterday!

Okay there was sun on the thermometer but it did say 100 degrees and it felt like it too.  We really only were able to work till 11:00 am.  It was so incredibly hot on the roof.  I am sure it was well above 100 up there.  We did get progress done!  The vent is uncovered and molding was installed around it.  The windows have their final coat of paint and I primed and painted one side of new shingles, even though not finished yet, looks good.  Hot again today.  We were hoping to be done by Thursday afternoon, that is tomorrow!  We'll see what we can accomplish today!

There has been a big sale going on at Zazzle so I have been making many sales!  Today I have a Halloween print...

So cute, a cat and an owl. I guess Halloween is just around the corner. Need to get my son to decide on a costume so I can find/make it in time for the parade at school.