Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rain out yesterday.

Camp was cancelled, rained all day. We were going to pressure wash in the rain but the thunder made that a bit too dangerous! So today we took the kids (my niece is still here for a few days) out for lunch and some shopping.  I baked a cake and we had a fun taco dinner.

Hoping to pressure wash tomorrow so the house can dry out and we can start painting the rest of the house.  We also have a few more stumps to pull.  Busy busy!!

Did make a few more sales...

This is a vintage match label. Another popular design. Boy, I am so exhausted but going to push through it today!! It is a field trip day for my son at camp. I am sure he will have fun. They are off to the movies. Then he is off for the week with the 4th holiday coming up!

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