Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It was HOT yesterday

So hot, but we have the roof line painted two coats of white and started the brown down the sides.  Definitely finish the first coat today and maybe part of the second coat. The only problem is the sun is on you most of the day so it gets quite hot. Was going to take a picture of the progress but was so tired, then it rained and then I forgot.  I got stung by a bee while painting, doing nothing but standing still and felt burning on the back of my knee.  Well there it was just having fun stinging me.  Second sting since starting the house!

Early start today.  My son doesn't go back to camp until next week so I have lots of entertainment set up for him.  He'll be in the pool, and I bet I will get in a bit after painting!

I got something fishy to show...

Pikes! I haven't been fishing yet this year. Shame on me!!!

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