Thursday, July 2, 2015


My muscles hurt so much, but in a good way!  It was so wet yesterday morning that really we thought we wouldn't be able to get much work done.  I started to weed more of the planters and by 10am we decided the rain was done for the day so why not pressure wash the next side of the house. Normally we would pressure wash in the rain because you get soaked no matter what but we had severe thunderstorms and that wouldn't mix with a metal wand.  I was three tiers up washing the house on the scaffold, wow was it high but I am getting more confident. We got a lot of loose paint off the trim and all the dirt off the cedar shakes. Then we looked at the was long!  We then decided to cut the grass.  It is a BIG yard and when we finished there were some bushes that needed trimming so that was done too.  It was a marathon!

Today I am heading back up the scaffold and scrap/sand the trim on our project side of the house. It will be a few days before we can paint because the wood is damp but I can still knock off any loose stuff.

Camp is done for this week, they start back up Monday but my son doesn't go till next Wednesday.  He had a blast yesterday at the movies and he came home all muddy from playing in the park.  Can't beat that, he had a big smile!

I have been selling nicely the last week of June.  Nothing for July but it is on the second day of the month!  This is by far one of the most popular prints I sell...

Fox Sleigh Ride Vintage Print
Fox Sleigh Ride Vintage Print by Kinder_Kleider
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I think this design has been sold on just about every product I have put it on.  It is adorable with the foxes and as a side note our local fox came by the other night and strolled through our yard! 

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