Thursday, July 16, 2015

It rained?

I was supposed to rain on Tuesday, it didn't.  It wasn't supposed to rain yesterday at all, it did! I think the weather people got the days mixed up!  We did get another level on the scaffold and I managed to get some scraping done. We got more planks to walk on and I stained them to protect them out in the weather. Today is supposed to be dry and hot.  I hope so because I want to finish two windows and get them primed and get the trim scraped and sanded so it can be primed.  I will take a picture of this setup. We are set up on the deck so it looks neat.

Today is camp for my son, yea!!  He was getting a bit bored.  Today is a dance party so he is excited, tomorrow is bowling!

I am still selling at least one item a day for the past week.  Today I have...

A woolly rhino key chain!  First time selling this design!  I am happy to see someone else likes it as much as I do!

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