Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Moving along!

Took down the scaffold at the back of garage and now have it placed on the side.  Check it out...

We also gently washed down the side of the house too, zucchinis are growing underneath so we have to be very careful not to damage them.  That is if the deer didn't eat them last night.  We had to take down the netting that was protecting them and hoping the scaffold will hold them back.  Today we paint the white two coats, the wood and previous paint is in great shape since it isn't in the sun very long and the weather seem to come in on the opposite side.

Making sales every day, this is the latest...

First time this design sold on a towel. I am pleased with this vintage print. Did save several daddy long leg spiders from the grill before using it yesterday. They have a nice home in a palm tree now, tropical vacation for them!

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