Friday, July 10, 2015

Going to be a BEEE-autiful Day!

Only sunshine for the next three days!!! Certainly will have the side of the house we are painting done and possibly the set up of the next section! I do need to sneak away today to get a little sun on my legs, getting a tan line from the capris I am wearing painting.

My son loved the baseball game.  I sent him with hat and sunglasses but he didn't wear them.  His cheeks and nose were red when I picked him up.  I was worried he had a bad sunburn but in two hours he tanned up and looks like a surfer dude.  Still going to lather him up in sunscreen again.  It was so sunny at the stadium, good thing I had some sunscreen on him. Today is dress up day for early trick or treat.  He is going as spiderman.  He's excited about that.

Made more sales, this is another one of a popular design....

Think after today a sleigh ride in cold snow will feel refreshing. Off topic, I am decorating for Christmas Nov. 1st because last year my son and I were so sick through December that we really didn't get to enjoy the holiday so I am combining it with Thanksgiving. Turkeys and Tinsel!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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