Friday, July 24, 2015

Halfway done!

We have the top have of the side of the garage done!  It was cool in air temp yesterday but in the sun we cooked.  I have a bit of sunburn.  Today may be a putter around day to get our energy back.  We can remove the scaffolding and paint from the ground so that will be a plus.  Then to the front of the garage and we are on the home stretch!

I am exhausted but ready to go.  Going to plant some grass today also.  We filled in some areas last week with seed but some spots are still bare so a bit more seed is needed.

Speaking of seeds, we save seeds from apples, cherries, lemons and cantaloupe and my son plants them in starter pods and we see if they will grow.  We just got a cantaloupe to sprout!  I know it is late in the season for it to grow fully but we will see how far along it goes.  Can't wait for the cherry and lemon to sprout.  He and I love watching the seedlings grow.  We even have some pineapple tops starting to sprout roots.  It is so fun.

How about today showcase...

This kitty design sells quite frequently. Makes a nice business card! I need business cards. Must do more thought on that.

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