Thursday, September 10, 2015

Was a hot, hot day again yesterday.

We were hoping to be on the final stretch by today but the heat was unbearable yesterday and today is supposed to be a washout so we will just have to wait.  We did get some things done.
 The new vent looks so nice, wouldn't believe it used to be an old rectangle window with screening tacked on!

 This is the progress we made yesterday.  The other side of the front is now re-shingled, primed and I did get one coat of brown on the front side.  The flashing will be painted brown at the end so all will match.

 Not much more to go up the side it is just a tight space so hard to work in.

This is the most dangerous area on the roof, the edge of the roof line.  We have bumped our heads on that thing a million times!

Today's showcase is something different...

This sold last year sometime so I am happy to see it sell again. A nice vintage match label.  Tropical look for a tropical day!

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