Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back to normal???

I started to get my own area caught up.  My desk is full of paperwork and I started going through that, started fall cleaning and after putting away my son's laundry I need to go through all his clothes.  I think he grew two sizes the past month! I also am working on putting my last design on more products. Then, a biggie, I sent out my resume for a job posting I found. That is exciting as well.  I have been on some interviews the past few months but as you noticed I didn't mention them because I didn't get the jobs.

Today is supposed to be beautiful.  I have some plants to remove for the winter, zucchinis need to go.  I want to get a walk in today.  I think better after a walk.  I hopefully will see my desk by the end of the day!  Also get the products posted I am working on uploaded to Zazzle. Oh, we got a pressure cooker and I am going to try and do pork ribs tonight.  I will let you know how that works.  We saw it on QVC and they got us hooked!  I am excited, supposed to be fast and delicious!

Today's sale showcase is...

A T Shirt! I like this vintage match label as well. I haven't sold a Tee in quite some time. This is nice with the cat and dog. Need to go through my vintage labels and get some more on!

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