Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Picture heavy post!

We had a busy weekend and I have some pictures! We start with Friday...
 I was working on the painting while my dad worked on the replacement shingles. I loved being way up high on the ladder!
You can see the difference from the previous stained siding to the bright shiny painted siding.
This is my friend Pearl the Praying Mantis.  She followed me wherever I was on the roof.  It this shot she was inches from my head as I painted!  She is a beauty!

On to Saturday and Sunday...
 Painted the existing siding, then will paint the replacement shingles when finished.
 These are the original siding from the 1920's
 You can see the progress we are making.  I think we will finish the house this week!!!
This is the brown done with two coats, I will be painting the final coat of white on the windows today and I think we will have the vent uncovered and finished today as as well.  I will take pictures.

I had a busy weekend of sales too.  Yippie!!

How about something to cool you down in this heat! Some skiing sounds nice but I know with my "gracefulness" I will not try skiing.  I know my limits!!

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