Thursday, September 17, 2015

A nice warm day!

It was a nice warm day yesterday.  I cleared off my desk!  That will make work easier.  I also walked 3 miles and tried the pressure cooker.  I did pork bbq ribs. They turned out very, very good!

 Got the pressure cooker from QVC.
 They look good!
 They tasted good too!

I have to call and make an appointment for my car, it has a recall, that sounds fun. I will be making a kielbasa and cabbage soup in the pressure cooker today as well. I will let you know how that turns out.  Sounds good!  I didn't get to yard work, try to today and wash my car.  Need to get a good coat of wax for the winter.  And guess what happened to my progress on my latest image I am placing on products???  I dropped my post it note cube on my mouse and it made the browser back up to the previous screen and I lost everything!!  I am started again and almost done, and being very careful!!!!

Today's showcase...
Bee Tees
Bee Tees by String_Theory
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I love bees!!! They were buzzing like mad today getting whatever nectar they could from the remaining flowers around. I just wish they didn't like stinging me so much, really the hornets. The bees seem to leave me alone. They are sweet!

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