Friday, September 18, 2015

Two days left of warm weather.

We have today and tomorrow for 80 degrees and then the weather changes right with the official start of Fall.  I will take advantage of these two days and then get ready for the autumn fun!  I do love all the seasons and just enjoy each change in weather, trees, snow etc!

I used the pressure cooker again yesterday for a cabbage and kielbasa soup.  Wow was it good, two bowls good!

 Loaded everything into the pressure cooker and then all I had to do is put the lid on, set the cook time and let it do it's thing!

It turned out so good.  I will definitely  make it again.  My  computer is acting funny so I am sorry for any weird spaces in my typing.  It seems to be running very slow even though I just installed all this virus and pc tuneup software.  Back to topic, I am going to do chili in the pressure cooker tonight.  We have large gluten free tortillas that I will make the "taco" bowls with and we will fill with chili!

DANGER ALERT: This hole in the street got me the other day.  I was standing and walking slowly around with my son waiting for the bus when I stepped into this hidden gem and twisted my ankle.  It is sore but not too bad.  Darn road is out to get me!

Today showcase is so cool!

I love this Irish Deer illustration. What a wonderful animal. I like it on the square pin, shows him off in style!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!  Enjoy the last few day of summer 2015!!!

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