Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Day of School

It is the first day of School!!!  My son is nervous but excited, and so am I!  This is the first time for all day school.  I know he will have a great time.  1st grade is a fun time. There will be lots of pictures this morning!  Plus we have our new bus stop!  That is excellent.  I am so pleased.  It was dangerous walking to the other stop, 2 minute walk and the bus would pass our house all the time.  Now at least I don't have to worry about either my son or myself getting hurt but the heavy traffic.

I managed to do a half day on the roof.  I think another half day today because of the heat and that stomach bug really knocked me down.  We got a lot done for a half day.  There is a triple window on the dormer and we scraped, sanded and primed it yesterday. It looks so good.  I do have a before picture...

Wait for the next picture.  The upper rectangle window you see at the top is the attic window.  Well that has been changed and is now a new shape and more secure.  I will take some picture today after we do more work. Exciting!

Today is a motorcycle sale...

I have three more to showcase. I sold 4 different motorcycle postcards. Love them!  Glad others do to.

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