Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Go Tuesday!!

Yesterday was a great day.  Got a lot accomplished...not Zazzle and I will explain below.  I have an appointment Wednesday to have a recall repaired on my car so yesterday I vacuumed and cleaned the inside. Today I will wash and do a quick wax on the outside.  Can't have a dirty car go in to service!  It wasn't that bad just needs a quick shine.

I did another pressure cooker meal last night...
 I loaded in some chicken breasts I rubbed in herbs and browned, chicken broth, spices and topped with baby potatoes.  Set it for 20 minutes and viola!
Yes I stole a bite before taking a picture.  It was very good.  Extremely juicy and tender.  The potatoes were melt in your mouth good!  I will be making this again.  Tonight is Taco Tuesday so no pressure cooker needed.

Okay on to Zazzle. You know in my previous post how I lost my work to be posted by dropping my post it notes on my mouse.  Well, then I was almost done getting everything ready to post a second time and the power dipped.  I think a backup battery is in order to prevent that.  So, I started a third time.  Got everything placed, description and tags typed in and hit the POST button.  Nothing happened. WHAT?!  So I checked the forum out and they suggest not using the "quick create" until they fix a problem.  I can't win sometimes!!  I can do them piece by piece which I will start tomorrow.  That is going to take awhile with 50 plus products.  Now on to the sale showcase...
Vintage Cycling Print Postcard
Vintage Cycling Print Postcard by Kinder_Kleider
Shop for Cycle Postcards online at Zazzle.com

Another of my favorites! I love this vintage cycling print. It has wonderful colors and a great background scene!  The crowd cheering, buses and trucks following the cyclists!  A win win if you ask me!

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