Monday, September 14, 2015

Rainy but fun weekend!

Friday I took my son to the fair, we had a wonderful time.  The weather stayed nice.  We saw farm animals, a baby kangaroo, elephants, we rode a camel and tons of rides!  We even came home with a fish.

Friday we have almost all the house done.  We couldn't finish over the weekend because of the rain but today we will.  I already baked a cake for the celebration tonight!
 The left side is done, two coats over the replacement siding!

 Painting the flashing so it blends into the house.  More pictures tomorrow of it finished.

You can see how nice the corner looks finished and how nice and bright the windows are now!

I still am selling nicely.  This is one I haven't seen sell in awhile...

Another nice vintage match label. We have lots of crows here. Three were in our birdbath the other day. Thought the whole thing would topple over, they were huge!

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