Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fabulous Thursday!

We had much rain yesterday morning but stopped around 11am. Then the wind came, wow!  I went for a walk and it was tough.  Lots of debris around.  We make get more if Joaquin arrives!

Here is a sneak peek at what I was doing during the rain, I should say painting...
I stole one of my parent's yard ornaments and I am repainting it, pretty much redesigning it! Once I finish I will have the before and after photos!

I did get some more of my latest design on Zazzle.  It is tough doing it single item at a time but I am getting there.  I guess maybe I need to really look at what products sell and only place images on those.  I need to this design on a T shirt.  I do sell those.

I want to show you a latest sale but Zazzle is down and I can't load it up. I guess my little sneak peek above will have to do.  If Zazzle comes back up soon I will edit the post and add in a showcase!

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