Friday, October 23, 2015

We are in for a change this Friday and over the Weekend!

Chilly weather is coming back!  It must, it's almost Halloween!  I enjoyed yesterday, not the cleaning and organizing of my son's room.  That was okay.  I did enjoy my 4 mile walk in the sunshine.  Needed it.  And look at my new friend.
Finally got a picture! The snakes are soaking in the warm sun before finding a place for the winter. I haven't seen snakes around in awhile.  It is so nice to see some.  I am not frightened of them.  They are cool, just doing their snakey things. Wish my son was with me though, he would have loved to see it.

Today's showcase...a theme developing?

Another vintage motorcycle! I sold 4 different ones and the last one will be shown on Monday. I am making sales still. Worried about the ranking system and hoping that won't effect my sales. So far I have done okay. Don't want to mess with it.

Well have a wonderful weekend.   We are planning to visit a pumpkin patch and have a hay ride.  I hope!  I will have pictures if we do!!

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