Monday, June 1, 2015


Okay, Friday started off with my son feeling a little sick and then turned into a major stomach virus.  He was a trooper but, wow, he had it rough.  Then after 10am I started to feel funny and BAM...stomach virus for me too.  So both of us were completely out of it for over 24 hours.  I ended up just laying on the floor because the pain was so bad.  My son said he didn't have pain but extreme nausea. Every 15 minutes he was sick.  Called the doctor and they said we just have to ride it out.  I am still exhausted and have pain in my abs. My son is bouncing off the walls so  he is feeling great. That came right out of the blue.  The whole weekend was dedicated to recovery.

10 days of school left...WHAT!!! I can't believe it.  My little one will be a 1st grader soon.

Zazzle is still having a glitch with sales showing up on accounts.  The are being recorded in the summary but not in the breakdown.  I am keeping a record of the ones I have notifications for in my email, just in case!
This is a new sale, I have been selling just didn't realize it!

I like this vintage print, love cats and mice...all animals!

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