Friday, June 5, 2015


My son has a double ear infection.  He was okay in the morning then waiting in the doctor's office he spiked a fever and was just completely knocked down.  Of course he was home from school yesterday.  If he has no fever today then he can go to school per the doctor.  It is their annual field day with lots of activities and fun.  I hope he is feeling good today, he is still sleeping.  He will have a few rounds of antibiotic in him, hopefully that will get rid of it quick for him.  If he still looks sick then home it is again today. Seems to develop something every week!  There was no time for me to work on artwork.  Took till after 2pm to finally settle my son in at home after appointments and pharmacy visits. I have a doctor's appointment for me today for regular check-up. 

I have been selling lots of stuff!  I am keeping  a log until Zazzle fixes the account issue.  Here is today's cool product!

I love this one!!!  So glad it sold. Well I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend. See you Monday!

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