Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Boy, when I dropped my son off at camp, he was not a happy "camper".  He was nervous about going and I felt so bad leaving, even though it is just during the day and I would be back.  He had a great time. One of his kindergarten classmates was there so that helped a bunch. They were let out early because we had some storms roll in.  I think that is what we have going on weather-wise today.  I will be picking him up early again.

I am still working on my orange design.  The bird is done just not sure I want to post it.  I think I will just post it and see what happens.  Today should be a good day to Zazzle. I do have to pick up work boots for me this morning.  Tomorrow I will be climbing a scaffolding and painting the house.  I like painting so it should be fun!  I also like climbing so high up on the scaffolding will be fun also!

I made more sales!!  This is the first sale of this design...

Folk Art Flowers Postcard
Folk Art Flowers Postcard by Kinder_Kleider
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Simple and fun! I like this one also.  I guess I like most of the designs I put on, just not in the beginning. It takes awhile for me to warm up to them.

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