Monday, June 8, 2015

Last week of School!!

My son has 2 full (half day kindergarten) days and then 3 short days for early dismissal and he is done!  I got his report cards.  For kindergarten they use minus, checks and plus signs.  My son has all plus signs so he meets or exceeds all requirements and he started at a C level reading (kindergarten level) but ended the school year with a J level (right under second grade reading level). I am so proud of him.  I work with him all the time, even though he doesn't realized it, and try to incorporate reading, spelling, math into everyday life.
Now he will be a first grader!!!

Still no June sales showing in Zazzle but I did make sales!  Check out this...

I like this tie, bet it is a Father's Day gift! Will try and get something new on today. It is supposed to be rainy so my outdoor work will be postponed. I have some bird pictures I have been working on but then I start them over because I am not happy with them. Sometimes I just have to stop and say it's done or they never will be!

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