Friday, May 29, 2015


Finished the table and chairs yesterday.  They are stained.  Yeah! The look nice, forgot to take a picture but will today.  We had a visit the other night.  Five bears! One big mom bear and her 4 cubs.  They decided our hummingbird feeder looked delicious so they broke it and had a nice little drink.

I have to remember I have presents to wrap for a birthday party tomorrow. I almost forgot already!

Nothing sold on Zazzle or if it did I haven't been notified.  My previous sales still have not shown up on my account yet.  Hope they get it fixed soon.  I will try and get a new image on today.  So now I will showcase another popular item...

Vintage Poppy Print Postcard
Vintage Poppy Print Postcard by Kinder_Kleider
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I made a large painting of this print for my mom. It is a pretty floral design.
Have a great weekend!!

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