Monday, May 11, 2015

Another summer like day!

What a warm weekend!  It was beautiful.  We got so much work done outside, sunburn as well! Mother's Day was perfect.  My son made me a corsage in school and it was adorable. Today is another warm day and will enjoy it fully since we might see frost in a few days!

Made six sales over the weekend! I am so excited to see each design and product that sells.  I am still not happy with my bluejay yet.  Today I plan to finish it and get it uploaded to a few products.  Still have to add the robin to a few more products.  Below is one of the products I sold this weekend.

I sold four different tiles with motorcycles.  I am thrilled.  I love these prints and I have more to upload.  I need to just sit myself down and get all my backlog done before making new designs. 

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