Monday, November 30, 2015

What a holiday!

Loved the holiday vacation, went by fast.  I can't believe how my life has changed in the past few weeks.  I will go into more detail later but for now I am very happy. I know that these changes have cut down my time on Zazzle.  I plan on doing some more just need to get into a groove.  It is tough with my son having homework every night, so when I get home we have almost an hour of that.  Weekends are now catching up on housework and bills.  I know this is the normal for most people but it is new to me and I need time to adjust.  I am happy I have enough stuff and variety on Zazzle that I make sales just about every day.  I am so grateful and thankful for that.!

Today's showcase...

It is just about the time of year for skiing!  So I am very pleased to see this popular print sell every time!

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