Monday, November 16, 2015

I over ate, so stuffed!!!

What a party this weekend. I ate more than I ever should ever again.  I am so stuffed I can not move but I  must because it is off to work soon!  Check out the party pics...

The decorations!!  They were fun to make and hang, some were store bought also.

The cake...oh the cake!  It was delicious, with ice cream....oh so stuffed!!!  I think I will have to eat clean all week and next up to thanksgiving to undo all the food I have eaten the past few days...oh cake!

I am still selling!!!!!!!!!!!  I am stoked!
Vintage Utensil Art Postcard
Vintage Utensil Art Postcard by Kinder_Kleider
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This is one of my favorite designs! When Zazzle did awards for art, this one won. I like it a lot and happy to see others do as well.

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