Tuesday, September 2, 2014


My son was starting to get congested on Thursday and Friday, which I knew would happen because of being in a new environment and around other kids it is inevitable that a cold would arrive.  Well he was really sick Friday night then has been getting better every day.  Well Saturday night I sneezed and within a few hours I was knocked down.  Fevers, congestion, the works.  I still am fighting a small fever this morning and my throat is sore so I am enjoying that!  Did enjoy the holiday but wish I could have enjoyed it to its fullest!

I am happy to see some of my new Halloween designs already selling!  YEA! I got 11 more done and ready to upload to products.  Better get moving.

Today is a Thanksgiving image.

Thanksgiving Watercolor

A few repairs and color adjustment and voila, a masterpiece! Check out the products here.

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