Friday, August 29, 2014

OMG it is Friday!

One week of school down!  Son doing great, mom, well I am getting a little used to it.

I am working on more Halloween pics, think one is done. Really I don't feel it is done but I just had to stop tinkering with it and say DONE. I only want to work one more week on Halloween and then get some Christmas started. Maybe an occasional fall image.  Definitely need to get the other motorcycle images on products.  I will start that Tuesday because of the holiday on Monday!

Hope all enjoy the weekend and the Labor Day holiday!  
I will be back on Tuesday!

Today I will show you one of my recent sales!


This was a really rough image from an vintage source, I did some repair and slight altering to make it a nice simple graphic.  I have sold many and below is the most recent.  Check all the products here

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