Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting a lot of artwork processed but...

Zazzle is still working on the problem with their quick create function.  I decided I will work on as much holiday and winter images I can and even if I don't post them all online before the holidays I will have them ready for next year!

I have a graphics tablet coming today.  I had one but it was so ancient that my computer wouldn't even recognize it.  Of course that was months and months ago (maybe a year or so).  I have been researching and wanted to make sure I got one that works with the programs I use, affordable and reviewed well.  I guess tomorrow I will find out if I like it!  Sometimes a mouse just doesn't cut it when working on artwork, repairing or creating your own.

Here is the last bike I posted for sale, I still have many just been working on the holiday ones.

Watercolor Vintage Motorcycle

I like motorcycles, vintage motorcycles! Check this one out here.
Watercolor Vintage Motorcycle Drink Coasters
Watercolor Vintage Motorcycle Drink Coasters by Kinder_Kleider
Check out Motorcycle Cork Coasters online at zazzle

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