Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday morning...

Santa is coming to town, or at least to my office.  There have been Santa sleigh rides, chimney scenes and good old jolliness going on here.  I have over 40 holiday images to post, 11 have been completed so it will be snowing in my mind for this week and probably the next!

Had an almost disaster with my computer on Saturday.  It decided not to boot...then it ran its self diagnostics and said, nope, not going to boot.  I was SCARED that everything was lost but after waiting patiently and restarting again it worked.  Ran all sorts of programs to flush out any trouble but all come back clean.  Lets hope it was a one time hiccup!

 Vintage Halloween Witch and Owl

This old print just need some sprucing up, a little color boost and some minor repairs and it turned out great.  Check all the products here.

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