Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Delayed School Day Today.

We got at least 5 inches of snow. It is still flurrying outside. We are getting more snow tomorrow afternoon and I believe on Thursday as well.  March is coming in like a lion!  My son loves it!

Well today I plan on doing small uploads of my new zazzle image.  Instead of one big one I will do it in pieces.  Hopefully I can get this one image done!  I have been selling nicely.  I recently sold 450 keychains!  I was so surprised and happy! 

I am also starting to gather and price items for our yard sale.  I know it is 2 months away but we have so much stuff that if we don't start now then we will be struggling and stressing out when the time comes.  We are getting a following for our yard sales, I believe it is our 4th year in a row!!

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