Friday, March 6, 2015

A regular school day? Amazing!!

No delays, regular day for my son.  He has had three days off in a row.  Nice to get back to a normal schedule, even for just a day.

Off topic, I have always struggled with dry skin, sensitive skin etc. Because I have a severe sensitivity to gluten, I can't use moisturizers with oat, wheat and some other products.  The ones that I can use really do nothing.  I have been hearing things about pure coconut oil and how that helps your skin.  I didn't want to try it because I am not fond of coconut.  I have tried in the past to give it a fair chance but I don't like the taste and not to fond of the smell.  After seeing the red patches on my face and the dry flaky areas around my nose and using so much concealer to try and hide it, I broke down and bought a jar of coconut oil. Well, OMG!!  I don't normally go crazy for something but the coconut oil is amazing!  I have used it for three weeks so far.  I originally said, "I will give it a month and if nothing happens then I will just have to live with my skin". In two days there was a drastic reduction in the redness on my face and in less then a week I no longer need concealer, even under my eyes!  My eyes had somewhat dark circles under them. They are gone.  The redness that was around my nose and up parts of my cheeks are gone.  I no longer have flaky skin around the nose.  I can go without makeup *gasp*. Just some eyeliner and mascara.  That is amazing!  I can't remember when that was even possible in the past. This is a link to the brand I bought at Amazon.  If you tried everything but nothing works I would recommend giving this a try.  I use it before bed and when I wake up.  The nice thing is that it's one ingredient, no chemicals or preservatives and really is inexpensive. A little goes a long way.

Ok, now back on topic.  I have two gluten free pizzas to make today, one broccoli and one cheese.  The laundry monster has struck again so will be living in the laundry room this morning.  I also have to make a green colored snack for my son today for "Green eggs and ham" book reading.  I also have some really nice photos of birds I took a few weeks ago.  I think I might try posting on my other Zazzle store that I set up for my photography.

Have a great weekend and warm weather is on the way!

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