Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Crazy Day!

It is Wacky Wednesday in school today, postponed from last week, and I am on duty to make my son look wacky.  He wants a faux hawk with his real hair so that is my challenge this morning. I already have a wacky shirt, sewed a cat in the hat stuffy to it.  He has crazy colored pants and will add some color to his hair.  I am also expecting a delivery today.  If it comes early enough I can built it, a DVD cabinet, and have it filled with my son's movies. I have an appointment this afternoon and hoping it is quick.

Since I haven't had a chance to work on artwork, I have been writing down my ideas so I do not forget them.  There are some nice pictures I took that I would love to get on Zazzle also.  Wish I was more organized with my time.  I will get there, never give up!  Oh, I also have to get my taxes done...That will be this weekend. Then birthdays are coming up (my brothers and mine) and Easter.  Wow, busy busy!!

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