Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More wild weather on the way!

We are in for some interesting weather this afternoon.  May not have school.  If the school decides to let out early then my son will not have afternoon kindergarten.  We will see. I have been packing items for the yard sale.  I got several boxes out of my son's room.  He is transitioning into more child toys then toddler so we will have a bunch for the yard sale.  He has way too many toys. My son has his sights on something already to buy from his yard sale profits.

I did not get to zazzle yesterday.  After getting my son off to school and tackling only a portion of his room, the day just got away from me.  If he has school tomorrow then definitely I will be able to get to some zazzling. This is a tough time, our yard sale is a big deal in the neighborhood so we like to be ready and start almost two months ahead of time to get ready. The road in front of the house and the side streets are usually packed with cars!!

Keeping an eye on my phone to see if there is school or not!

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