Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Had a great day yesterday!

Here is my little one all decked out for yesterday!
He makes me smile!  He is a little Irish.

Wind was wicked yesterday.  Out of the blue gust came roaring in.  Thought something hit the house be no evidence of anything. Maybe creaking in the wind! 

I have been selling quite a bit of business cards lately.  I like that! I hope one day I actually see one of my designs on a business card on my travels.  That would be awesome!  Still getting ready for the yard sale.  I have my closet yet to scavenge.  I know I will find quite a bit hidden in the depths!  The clothes already have been sorted and picked through, the boxes in the back have not.  That will be an undertaking!

Today I am working on taxes.  Got to get that done even though I know the outcome, payment to be sent out. *sigh*  Then I have some errands to run.  All within 3hrs while my son is at school.  I will be zooming around!!

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