Friday, February 27, 2015

I forgot to post this morning!

I was helping my mom this early this morning and I knew I forgot something.  I just realized I didn't post today.  Yesterday was a disaster zazzle wise.  I was roaring along making products for a bulk upload and Wham! My browser crashed and I lost all my work.  Still can not save any progress on a bulk upload.  I was so upset I just said forget it.  I will do it later when I calm down.  I think I might have to do single product uploads in order to prevent this from happening again.  I can have 100's of products designed and ready but if my browser crashes or I accidentally hit the back button then I lose it all.  No Fair!

I did make 3 dozen gluten free pierogies yesterday. Half we eat tonight and the other half for another day, Yum!
Have a Great Weekend!!

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