Thursday, December 11, 2014

Where the weather reports wrong or what!

There was school yesterday!  That is great because they have some neat craft projects planned this week for the kids.  I am late posting, cleaning off snow and there is a delayed start to school so my son wanted to play in the snow for awhile.  I am now trying to warm up.  BRRR.  We only got about 4 inches, not much for here.  We might get a bit more tonight but that is iffy.

I want to finish my wrapping, I have a package to mail out and get my recipes together for cookies. I think I won't be doing anything new on Zazzle until after the holidays.  I really have a full schedule coming up.

Today I have something original.

Holly and Mistletoe
I was doodling with my new drawing tablet and liked this so I posted it.  Sold some products with this design already! Check all the products here.

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