Monday, December 15, 2014

Trying to finish stuff today

Hoping to finish decorating, wrapping most of the presents left and then some shopping for final items during the week.  I have cookies to bake, volunteering at the school for a few days and what ever else pops up!  Keeping me busy.  Will be nice to enjoy the holidays once the rush is done.

Zazzle has been doing nicely.  I like seeing that.  Wish it kept up like that all year.  That will be a goal for next year!

I am stuffed...ate too much over the weekend.  I figure that is what January 2nd is for....back to regular eating and getting myself back in shape.  I am not as bad as last year.  Had surgery last year and gained a lot of weight after that.  Lost it once I had recovered.  Just going to enjoy the rest of the year, keep my normal exercise routine and when January hits I will be fine.

Today I have more holiday images!

Ice Skating Snowman
I love this vintage snowman.  I added a background and he just pops off the page.  Check out all the products here.

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