Wednesday, December 10, 2014

No school yesterday, bet no school today!

We did laundry yesterday, wrapped 90% of our gifts for Christmas.  I made chili and corn bread.  I am super duper exhausted.  Our poor kitty did not feel well last night.  She has a fickle stomach and something she ate did not agree with her.  I was tending to her most of the night.  We are supposed to get snow, or maybe not or maybe ice or maybe not.  Since my son has afternoon kindergarten I won't be sure if he has school until close to bus time.  If the school lets out early he doesn't have class. If it is a delayed start he has a very short day at school.  I am supposed to go into school today to help with some packing of donations.  That is also up in the air.  I will be in school Friday as well.

I do have another image to show!

Vintage Xmas Greeting
I love this vintage greeting card.  I could live in Christmas all year round.  Check out the products here.

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